Mission Yozakura Family Season 2: What Do The Makers Plan For The Finale?

Mission: Yozakura Family has announced that the final arc is now speeding towards the end. Here's everything we know about the finale.

Published on Jun 10, 2024  |  04:40 PM IST |  27.9K
Exploring Mission Yozakura Family Season 2 Finale
Mission: Yozakura Family (PC: Silverlink Studio)

Mission: Yozakura Family is set to release its new anime this Spring, but the original manga will continue with the final arc as it approaches its end. The series began last Spring, and the manga continues with new arcs as the family prepares for the final battle against Asa and his forces. With the Super Yozakura Festival advancing, the final battle is set to begin in earnest.

Mission: Yozakura Family is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hitsuji Gondaira. It has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since August 2019, with its chapters collected in 24 tankōbon volumes as of June 2024. 

How will Mission: Yozakura Family manga end?

Taiyo Asano and Asa have met in the latest chapter of Mission: Yozakura Family and the series' final arc is set to speed up in future chapters. The speed-up is not yet revealed, but with the final fights already underway in the latest chapters, it seems the end of the series is closer than ever before.

Mission: Yozakura Family (PC: Silverlink Studio)

Mission: Yozakura Family is set to wrap up its final arc in the newest chapter, despite appearing to be short. The manga has spent the past year preparing, introducing new characters, advancing Taiyo and Mutsumi's romance, and introducing new blooming abilities. The series is taking its time, with Asa wanting to discuss the situation with Taiyo before their fight in Chapter 229.


The speed up in this case likely means that unlike series such as My Hero Academia, which is getting an extended epilogue following the final battle, Mission: Yozakura Family will end right after the fight is over. Fans will most likely get one final chapter to flesh out a full ending when this fight is done, and hopefully, all of the lingering questions will be resolved before the manga ends its run in full. 

The series follows Taiyo Asano, a boy who lost his family in a car crash. His childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura, is his only comfort in life. However, things change for Taiyo again, when he discovers that his vice principal is not only the older brother of Mutsumi, but she also comes from a family of spies. After a fight involving the Yozakura family, Taiyo becomes Mutsumi's husband, and in order to protect her, he must become a spy himself.


When is Mission: Yozakura Family anime coming out?

Mission: Yozakura Family, an English dub adaptation of Hitsuji Gondaira's original manga series, is set to premiere in Japan. for the English dub release of the anime! The new adaptation of Gondaira's original manga series is now a few episodes into its debut season as part of the Spring 2024 anime schedule. English dub fans have been eagerly awaiting the English release, and a new update from Hulu has revealed all upcoming releases for the next month.

Hulu has announced that the English dub for Mission: Yozakura Family will premiere on June 17th. Although it may be slightly behind the English subtitled episodes, it's not as long a wait as some Hulu anime series have been, as they often release an English dub several months after an anime's end. This means that Mission: Yozakura Family will not be far behind in its English release.


Mission: Yozakura Family (PC: Silverlink Studio)

Hulu describes the anime as such, "A family far from ordinary?! High schooler Taiyo Asano, the 'Ultimate Introvert', lost his family in a tragic accident. The only one he could speak to is his childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura who harbors a wild secret as the heir to a spy lineage. Her brother, Kyoichiro, a skilled spy, targets Taiyo. To save themselves, Taiyo agrees to marry Mutsumi and join the Yozakura family, embarking on an unprecedented mission!"

The series is directed by Mirai Minato, who is also overseeing the scripts. Mizuki Takahashi served as the character designer and chief animation director. The music was composed by Kōji Fujimoto and Osamu Sasaki.

The opening song is Unmei-chan, performed by Ikimonogakari, while the ending song is Fam!, performed by Chico. The series is already streaming on Hulu in the United States.

The main voice cast for the Japanese audio release includes Reiji Kawashima as Taiyo Asano, Kaede Hondo as Mutsumi Yozakura, Katsuyuki Konishi as Kyoichiro Yozakura, Akari Kito as Futaba Yozakura, Kazayuki Okitsu as Shinzo Yozakura, Aoi Yuki as Shion Yozakura, Yumi Uchiyama as Nanao Yozakura, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Kengo Yozakura and Goliath.

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