One Piece Day 2024: Everything To Know About Upcoming Events So Far

One Piece Day 2024 is coming up soon and many things have been planned to celebrate this special occasion. Here is how the celebration of Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece will go.

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Here Are All The Events Lined Up For One Piece Day 2024
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The One Piece Day 2024 will be celebrated on August 10 and 11 of this year. Even though the event usually takes place on the anniversary date of Eiichiro Oda’s magnum opus manga, on July 22, which is also considered to be a national holiday in Japan, this year the celebrations have been postponed due to some undisclosed reasons. However, that does not mean the events will be any less grand. 

One Piece Day is a very special day for the people in Japan as it commemorates the immense and worldwide success of Eiichiro Oda’s manga One Piece and all the franchises that have stemmed from it. This year, the postponed event will be celebrated over two days in Japan with multiple events taking place at the Mukuhari Messe convention center in the Chiba prefecture. 

What events are going to take place on One Piece Day 2024?

As mentioned before, the One Piece Day 2024 celebrations will happen on August 10 and 11 at the Mukuhari Messe convention center in the Chiba prefecture. The place will be divided into two parts- the exhibition area and the live area. All of this will also be available for people to watch on the official YouTube channel of One Piece. Fans who reside in Japan will be able to buy tickets to the events and watch them live. 


The exhibition event on August 10 will start from 11 a.m. JST while on August 11 it will begin from 10 a.m. JST. Due to time differences, these times will differ in other countries. The event is set to take place at the Mukuhari Messe Exhibition Hall 1-3. The exhibition event will have some really cool stage events, for example, the Anime Best Scenes Poll - Top 100 Scenes Production Scenes Found Memorable. Fans who bought the tickets for the event were allowed to vote in the category but voting lines have now been closed. The results of this will be announced on August 10 during the event and the rest of the day will center around winners of other game-centred events. 

On the second day of the events, which is August 11, people will get some more information about the much-anticipated anime remake of One Piece. An event in collaboration with a t-shirt brand called UT will also take place which will feature Lilith’s voice actor Hirano Aya and Atlas’s voice actor Honda Kaede who both feature in the Egghead Arc. A One-Piece card game and a final showdown between the finalists of an event will also take place on this day. Finally, the day will end with a special broadcast from some voice actors from the Egghead Arc’s characters which will include Dr. Vegapunk’s satellites and the Straw Hats. People who attend this event will also get some complimentary gifts on this day. 


The Live Events will start after the exhibition

The live events on both days will start at 6:30 p.m. JST after the exhibition events are over. This will take place at the Event Hall of the Mukuhari Messe Convention Center. This live event will comprise several musical performances related to One Piece. The first performer of the first day, Maki Otsuki, who sang one of the most popular opening themes of the One Piece series called Memories will be returning to perform on both days of the live event. After almost 25 years, the songstress has returned to the franchise to sing the ending theme song of the Egghead Arc titled Dear Sunrise. 

The second performer who will also be performing on both days is Kitadani Hiroshi, who sang the iconic opening theme song We Are for the series. The singer has also performed other theme songs for the One Piece anime including the Egghead Arc opening theme Uuuuus! Gre4n BOYZ are the third performers as this band has collaborated with the One Piece franchise multiple times and Oda himself designed the four personas for the band members. Popular V-Tuber Mori Calliope will be the last performer on the first day as she has sung the promotional song for the Egghead Arc’s first volume (volume 106). On the second day of the event, the first performer will be Japanese singer Ado who sang all the songs of the One Piece Film: Red. His performance will be followed by Maki Otsuki and Kitadani Hiroshi. 


Japanese fans will be able to buy passes for the One Piece Day 2024 to go see these events live. The pass for one day will cost about 3800 yen (about 2000 INR or 24 USD), and for both days it will cost about 6800 yen (3550 INR or 42 USD). International fans will be able to watch the One Piece Day 2024 event including the Live Area and Exhibition events on the One Piece official YouTube Channel where they will all be streamed.

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