Divorce Attorney Shin starring Cho Seung Woo-Han Hye Jin clocks 1 year: Top 4 reasons making series unconventional

Divorce Attorney Shin starring Cho Seung Woo, Han Hye Jin, Kim Sung Kyun and Jung Moon Sung is a slice-of-life workplace drama which is adapted from a webtoon. Here is what makes the drama unique.

Published on Mar 04, 2024  |  06:31 PM IST |  74.2K
Divorce Attorney Shin: Netflix
Divorce Attorney Shin: Netflix

Divorce attorney Shin is a law drama which is adapted from the webtoon Sacred Divorce. The drama stars Cho Seung Woo, Han Hye Jin, Kim Sung Kyun and Jung Moon Sung in the main roles. The slice-of-life drama is grappled with mystery but it is executed with care. Even though it is an everyday life drama, it succeeds in keeping the audience hooked till the very end. Here is why the drama is unconventional.

Why Divorce Attorney Shin is unconventional? Top 4 reasons 


Divorce Attorney Shin is a simple work-life drama with complex characters and plot. Unlike many K-dramas, the series does not have hyped-up emotions and drama. The actions and the characters' emotions and feelings are expressed in a subtle and careful manner. It does not add extra tension to invoke the feelings of the audience. The acting and the plot are carried out in a nuanced and simple form. The drama does not try to make viewers feel overwhelmed. Instead, it takes an effortless path which actually takes smartness to carry out. 

Workplace drama done right

Divorce Attorney Shin is a slice-of-life drama which deals with South Korean law and the people who work in the field. Though it mostly talks about the everyday cases that come across the law firm's way, the series does not get boring. It also has a major mystery plotline surrounding the main character which slowly builds and does not seem out of place. It is reminiscent of dramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Diary of a Prosecutor. 


Defies the expectations of the viewers

Many a time the plot takes a turn in a way the audience might not expect it to follow. While from a distance it seems like a quiet office drama, the drama sometimes defies expectations and turns into action and crime drama as well. Also, much of the twists and turns come from the unpredictability of the characters. Divorce Attorney Shin discusses many sensitive topics too and beautifully brings out the sentiments and warmth in the scenes. 

Unique characters

Divorce Attorney Shin features many quirky characters who keep the plot light and fun. It is easy to watch because many of the supporting characters are eccentric and unique. 

More about Divorce Attorney Shin 

Divorce Attorney Shin was released on March 4, 2023. The drama tells the story of a divorce lawyer and his team who take up complicated cases and solve them. Though everything seems sorted in his life, he has a secret motivation for working as a divorce lawyer. 

The drama stars Cho Seung Woo, Han Hye Jin, Kim Sung Kyun and Jung Moon Sung. It is based on the webtoon Sacred Divorce by Kang Tae Kyung. It has been directed by Lee Jae Hoon who also directed hits like Run On, Good Manager, A Beautiful Mind and more. Yoo Young Ah who also worked on Thirty Nine, Kim Ji Young: Born 1982, Encounter, My Annoying Brother and more wrote the script of this series. 

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