EXCLUSIVE: Kwon Eun Bi talks about favourite B-Side from ‘Color’, ‘Glitch’ choreography, ‘Door’ and more

Talented soloist Kwon Eun Bi spills about various elements of ‘Glitch’, her process of creating music and more.

Anoushka Mathew
Written by Anoushka Mathew , Writer (K-pop, K-drama)
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Kwon Eun Bi Concept Photo
Kwon Eun Bi Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: Woollim Entertainment

Spellbinding voice. Mesmerizing visual. Bold Personality. These words are just a preview of the talented soloist Kwon Eun Bi. With a burning passion for music, she delved into the world of K-Pop early on, as a backup dancer for popular 2nd generation girl groups Secret and Girl’s Day, which allowed her to understand the glamorous world even better, and today, she has become one of the popular soloists in the industry with two EPs under her belt. 

Previously a leader for the popular group IZ*ONE, Kwon Eun Bi gathered a lot of attention when she debuted as a soloist on August 24 with ‘Door’ MV from ‘Open’. The concept felt new and refreshing and her sweet voice swept the listeners off their feet! Now she is back with the second mini-album ‘Color’ and the title track ‘Glitch’, a song that is experimental in its true sense. 

During our conversation, she spilled about her songwriting process, the difference between her two title tracks, her charms, and more. Talking about music and more, Kwon Eun Bi opens up with Pinkvilla.

 How would you differentiate between ‘Door’ and ‘Glitch’?

Kwon Eun Bi: If ‘Door’ is shown as a song that displays Kwon Eun Bi as a soloist then ‘Glitch’ as well as the new album presents the various music styles that I have not yet shown. 

Which is your favourite track from ‘Color’ besides ‘Glitch’?


Kwon Eun Bi: Out of all the B-side tracks, my favourite is ‘Speed of Love’. The reason is that it contains my clear and lovely voice, and it brings out the mood of the song well. 

‘Glitch’ has elements of voguing. What was the reason for you to put voguing in the choreography? 

Kwon Eun Bi: It’s because I think vogue is the dance form that fits ‘Glitch’ best. 

‘Glitch’ has a more experimental sound compared to ‘Door’. What drew you to that particular genre?  

Kwon Eun Bi: One of the reasons was that I had confidence in this particular genre. I also carefully thought of how my voice would complement and match the song. It became one of the reasons why I wanted to create ‘Glitch’. 

 What message would you like the fans to take back with ‘Color’? 

Kwon Eun Bi: The message I want them to take back with ‘Color’ is to accept their own small flaws and rather use it as a charming point of their personality. This album should help them feel confident in themselves. 


What’s your songwriting process? 

Kwon Eun Bi: At the time of inspiration, I’m able to stir up a melody and some lyrics which helps me map out a song. 

How would you describe your charm?

Kwon Eun Bi: I might not seem to be cute, but I am cute…? 

Besides music, what other activities interest you?

Kwon Eun Bi: I like being hands on with my activities therefore I like arts and crafts, something to create with my own hands.  

With such an insightful conversation, we were able to see the gorgeous artist and her music in a whole new light and we cannot wait for her to release new music but until then let’s groove to the melody of ‘Glitch’ and the other beautiful tracks from ‘Color’! 

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