Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Clyde Reveals Shocking News To Grieving Chad

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives Episode; June 6, 2024: Theresa and Brady's co-parenting heats up unexpectedly, causing tension with Kristen and Alex.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives.

In the June 6 episode of Days of Our Lives, things get complicated for Kristen, Alex, Theresa, and Brady. Theresa and Brady are trying to be good co-parents to Tate and avoid trouble. However, their relationship seems to be heating up, and it's not just because of the weather.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Alex recently told Marlena he's done being a one-woman man and enjoys his flings with both Theresa and Kristen. Kristen was fine with this until she noticed Brady getting closer to Theresa. Now, Kristen wants to change the rules. The question is, will Alex, Brady, and Theresa go along with it?

Julie believes she should have a say in everyone's decisions. She's particularly concerned about Maggie marrying Konstantin, not knowing it's all a setup. Julie insists Maggie shouldn’t go through with it and won't stop voicing her opinion.

Meanwhile, Chad is still mourning his wife Abigail, who was killed by Clyde. Despite never doubting her death, Clyde brings new information to Chad that might change everything.

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In Yesterday's Days of Our Lives, over the phone, Nicole tells Rafe that Sloan hit EJ with a flower pot and ran away. She says EJ is at the hospital, but he's actually confronting Melinda about Sloan. After hanging up, Rafe makes calls to find Sloan.


At the mansion, Nicole vents to Eric about Sloan escaping. Eric, who loved Sloan, is sad and says it feels like none of it was real. He agrees to get Jude’s birth certificate for Nicole, but she’s unsure about changing the name, feeling it suits him. Eric would like her to keep it since he chose it because of her.

In her office, Melinda is angry about Sloan telling EJ about her role in Jude’s kidnapping. EJ yells at her for hurting Nicole, but Melinda points out he’s trying to keep Nicole from Eric, her true love. She reminds EJ that Jude is Eric's son. EJ insists Jude is a DiMera and will be raised as one. Melinda agrees to stay quiet but hints she might need a favor later.

In Montana, Harris convinces Ava to lower her gun from Clyde. He arrests Clyde, but Chad arrives, grabs Ava’s gun, and confronts Clyde about killing his wife, Abigail. Harris tries to calm Chad, who wants to know the truth. Clyde says Abigail was killed for more than drug money and claims she’s alive.


In the Square, Stefan talks to Rafe about Melinda refusing to reopen Li’s murder case. Rafe says Melinda won’t help with Gabi unless he helps her. Rafe appreciates Stefan’s support for his sister, though Stefan recalls his affair with Ava.

At the mansion, Eric explains that St. Jude represents hope in hopeless times, and he named Jude after the baby he lost with Sloan, thinking of Nicole. Nicole offers Eric time with Jude, but it’s difficult for him. 

Back in Melinda’s office, EJ warns her to keep their secret, and she agrees, needing a favor in the future. Ava returns to the motel, where Lucas tells her about the feds taking Goldman and Chad being in Montana. She’s worried about her lies and how much Harris will forgive. Lucas reassures her, sensing Harris cares for her. Ava worries about not hearing from Harris.

In the Square, Rafe tells Stefan that the ISA decoded Clyde’s black book. They hope Clyde’s testimony can free Gabi, but if not, they’ll keep fighting. Rafe leaves, and Stefan looks thoughtfully at his wedding band.


At the campsite, Chad believes Clyde killed Abigail because she was close to his drug operation. Clyde taunts Chad, who is ready to shoot. Clyde then claims Abigail is still alive.

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