Vikrant Massey reveals his brother converted to Islam; says he wants to inculcate THIS value in son

In a recent interview, 12th Fail actor Vikrant Massey talked about different religions followed in his family and value that he would want to instill in his son.

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Vikrant Massey
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Vikrant Massey is currently basking in the success of his last release 12th Fail, directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The film was released on the digital streaming platform months after its theatrical release. The actor took center stage after receiving critical acclaim and inundated love from the audiences for his nuanced performance in the film. He has also been making it to the headlines for making several revelations. In a recent interview, Vikrant gave an insight into his diverse family following different religions.

Vikrant Massey talks about the diversity of religion in his family

During a recent conversation, in the latest episode of Unfiltered by Samdish, Vikrant Massey talked about the diversity of religions in his family as the host remarked him to be a spiritually inclined personality. In response to this, the actor stated that he doesn’t know. He is trying to listen to his own inner voice. 

He further shed light on his elder brother’s name, Moeen. Referring to his own name, Vikrant said if it made you wonder why his (brother’s) name is Moeen. He then revealed, “He (his brother) converted to Islam, my family let him change his religion. They said, ‘Beta, if you find satisfaction in this, then go ahead.’ He converted at the age of 17, it is a big step. My mother is Sikhni, my father is a church-going Christian, he goes to church twice a week. From a young age, I have seen a lot of arguments related to religion and spirituality.”


He further continues by divulging that his brother’s conversion to Islam was questioned by his extended relatives. However, his father retorted by stating that it is ‘none of their business’. The Mirzapur actor recalled his father telling their relatives that he was his son and only answerable to him. His father also expressed his belief in stating that their son has all the right to choose what he wants to.

Vikrant Massey on inculcating values in his kid

Furthermore, Vikrant mentioned that after witnessing such scenarios, he went on his pursuit of religion. He opined, “It is man-made.” In addition to this, the actor, who is married to Sheetal Thakur, is also a new father to a son. While talking about the things that he would want to inculcate in his son, he asserted his first focus to be on ‘rationalism’. 

However, he believes that there are certain things that are “authentically Indian,” which he respects a lot. He said, “Especially in the Hindu culture, I do believe in them. It is only because of my cultural affiliation; it doesn’t need to be religious. This is the culture of the majority people of my country. Diwali is celebrated only in India, so I celebrate it as well. It is my muscle memory, my childhood memory.”

“It need not be religious. I don’t believe that if I do Laxmi Puja then I will be blessed with wealth. I do it because I grew up witnessing it, and it is now my lifestyle. My father would do it. He goes to church twice a week, but he also does puja with my mother and my wife. So, it is a beautiful house,” he further added.

On being asked if his wife and he are also religious, Vikrant said, “Thik-thik (ok-ok)”. Talking about him being religious, the actor said that he doesn’t believe in anything, but he does believe in spirituality. “I definitely believe in the existence of something up there that’s looking after all of us,” he said. 

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