15 Mirzapur dialogues that took the internet by storm

Mirzapur dialogues have become a staple phrase for people in their everyday lives, and it's no surprise that we use them in our daily conversations. Check out some of the most iconic lines here!

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Mirzapur Dialogues
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Like those showdowns in Mirzapur, (or) You know how things get heated up with those fiery Mirzapur dialogues? - Here's the thing about real life: it can be just as dramatic! In the gritty Indian crime series Mirzapur, we see two families, the Tripathis and the Pandits, locked in a brutal power struggle. But believe it or not, similar clashes can happen anywhere, even without guns and drugs. This story dives into the real-life rivalries, ambition, and hidden agendas that can play out right under our noses.

The show closely follows Guddu and Bablu, two brothers who get sucked into a world of drugs, violence, and ruthless power struggles. Season 2 cranks things up a notch with new players vying for control, shaking things up and forcing everyone to choose sides. Betrayals, shifting alliances, and a burning thirst for revenge drive the story forward.  

With powerhouse performances from Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Divyendu Sharma, and the rest of the cast, both seasons are a rollercoaster of action, drama, and suspense that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Now, check out some of the most powerful Mirzapur dialogues here!


15 best Mirzapur dialogues that live rent-free in our heads

1. Abe padhai likhai mai dhyan lagao IAS-YAS bano

  • Presenter - Munna Bhaiya

This famous Munna Bhaiya dialogue has become a classic, and we have heard this line repeatedly around us: Focus on your studies, become an IAS officer. 


2. Hindi philam ke hero hain hum, humein koi nahi maar sakta, hum amar hain 

  • Presenter – Munna Bhaiya

This is one of the most famous Mirzapur dialogues, We are the heroes of Hindi films, no one can kill us, we are immortal.

3. Aurat chahe chambal ki ho ya purvanchal ki, gun uthati hai to iska matlab dikkat hai

  • Presenter - Munna Bhaiya

Whether a woman is from Chambal or Purvanchal, if she picks up a gun, it means trouble.

Picture Courtesy: IMDb

4. Jeet ki guarantee tabhi hai jab jeet aur haar dono tumhare control mein ho 

  • Presenter– Bauji

Victory is guaranteed only when both victory and defeat are under your control.

5. Taqleef unki nahi jo chale jaate hain, taqleef unki hoti hai jo peeche reh jaate hain 

  • Presenter– Lala

The pain isn't for those who leave but for those who are left behind.

6. Sala sab jagah ki shadi mein DJ chalta hai, lekin humare UP ki shadi mein goli chalti hai

  • Presenter - C.M Surya Pratap Yadav

Everywhere else, weddings have DJs, but here in UP, we have gunshots.

7. Gaddi pe chaahe hum rahein ya Munna, niyam same hoga 

  • Presenter – Kaleen Bhaiya

Kaleen Bhaiya’s dialogues are not to be missed, and this one goes like this: Whether Munna or I sit on the throne, the rules will remain the same.

Picture Courtesy: IMDb

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8. Aur hum ek naya niyam add kar rahe hain, Mirzapur ki gaddi pe baithne wala kabhi bhi niyam badal sakta hai 

  • Presenter – Munna Bhaiya

And we're adding a new rule: whoever sits on the throne of Mirzapur can change the rules at any time.


9. Aap humko ghar ki ownership samjha rahe hain, humein to pura sheher lena hai 

  • Presenter – Guddu

You're explaining home ownership to us, but we want to take over the entire city.

10. Aap hi ka mann tha na ki aapki beti Mirzapur pe raaj kare, badi na sahi choti karegi 

  • Presenter - Golu

Wasn't it your wish that your daughter would rule Mirzapur? The elder one, if not the younger one.

Picture Courtesy: IMDb

11. Guddu Pandit aa gaye hain, murjhayenge nahi…abki baar dushman haath laga to bachega nahi.. 

  • Presenter – Guddu

Guddu Pandit has arrived; he won't wither away. This time, if the enemy lays a hand on him, he won't survive.

12. Jab qurbani dene ka time aaye to qurbani sipahi ki di jaati hai, raja aur rajkumar to zinda rehte hain sirf gaddi pe baithne ke liye … 

  • Presenter – Munna

If we're talking about a Mirzapur quote, then this one is gold: When it's time to sacrifice, it's the soldier who sacrifices; kings and princes only live to sit on the throne.

13. Jaati pratha kaahe banayi gayi, isiliye hi na ki power humesha hum Brahamano ke haath mein rahe

  • Presenter – Bauji

The caste system was created for a reason so that power always remains in the hands of us Brahmins.

14. Bauji pagla gaye hain, unka dimagh unke ghutno mein hai aur unke ghutne to kaam karte hai nahi

  • Presenter – Munna Bhaiya

Bauji has gone mad; his brain is in his knees, and his knees don't even work.

15. Vayapaar jab bhi karo, to jo do kaano ke beech mein hai uska istemaal karo, jo do tango ke beech hai uska nahi…

  • Presenter – Dadda Tyagi

Whenever you do business, use what's between the two ears, not what's between the two legs.


So, next time you find yourself in a tense situation, remember the crazy Mirzapur dialogues. Life might not involve gangsters and illegal empires, but the human desire for power and the complexities of relationships can create drama all on their own. Maybe there's a lesson there – sometimes a cup of chai and a calm conversation can go a long way in avoiding a full-blown Mirzapur situation!


Recently, during its annual slate announcement, Amazon Prime Video revealed that the highly anticipated series Mirzapur will return for a third season. Currently, in the production stage, all the details regarding the upcoming season will be announced once the show is wrapped up.

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