Park So Dam and Seo In Guk's Death's Game Part 2: Release date, trailer and more

Death's Game Part 2 starring Seo In Guk and Park So Dam will be releasing on January 5. Here is a look at all the details you need to know.

Published on Dec 27, 2023  |  11:05 PM IST |  823K
Death's Game: courtesy of TVING
Death's Game: courtesy of TVING

Death's Game is a fantasy K-Drama starring Park So Dam and Seo In Guk. Lee Jae Wook, Choi Si Won, Go Youn Jung, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Jae Wook, and other actors are also a part of the project. The drama is based on a webtoon and will consist of 8 episodes. Fans eagerly await to see how the fantasy drama translates to live action. Part 2 will be released in January. Here is a look at all the details you need to know before its release. 

Death's Game Part 1

The project is written and directed by Ha Byung Hoon wrote the script for the drama too. He has previously worked on romantic comedies and fantasy romances like Sound of Your Heart, Go Back Couple, and 18 Again. 

Death herself challenges Choi Yi Jae to try and survive 12 lives in which he is bound to die. Seo In Guk's character tries to take his own life and as a punishment, he has to live these different lives and experience death 12 times. After experiencing death, he is also determined to overcome it and try and survive. 

The main character would be reincarnated as a priosoner, a school student, love intrest of his ex-girlfriend and many more. 

In the trailer for part 1, Death warns Choi Yi Jae that death will come to him in all the lives but according to the efforts that he puts, the outcome can also change. She tells him that death is just the start. 


As the death game begins, Choi Yi Jae is determined to win and avoid ending up in hell. 

Death's Game is based on a webcomic I'll Die Soon (literal translation). It is written by Lee Won Sik and illustrated by Gul Chan. The story surrounds the life of a man who is going through a low phase in his career and love life. One day he decides to end his life but Death herself comes to meet him and challenges him to a game. 

Death's Game Part 2

Death's Game Part 2 will be released on January 5, 2024. The story will pick up from part 1. On December 26, TVING released the trailer for Death's Game part 2 featuring Park So Dam and Seo In Guk. The trailer reveals that there is more than meets the eye with the curious case of the lead character. There are many secrets to be unfolded to reach the actual conclusion. Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Do Hyun's characters are not what they seem and they harbour their own plans as do the others. The trailer increases anticipation and curiosity regarding the next part. 

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