The Rock Breaks Character To Praise ‘Special’ UFC Fighter He Bought House for After Finding Out He Only Had $7

The Rock is famous for his unconventional actions, and in a recent incident, he surprised a UFC fighter by giving him a house as a gift. Later, he took to his social media account to express his admiration for the fighter.

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The Rock Breaks Character And Showers Praise on UFC Fighter
The Rock gifted a house to UFC fighter Themba T L Gorimbo. ( Photos : Getty Images )

In the world of wrestling, there's this concept known as kayfabe. It requires wrestlers to maintain their on-screen personas even when they're off-camera. Despite everyone knowing that it's all scripted, they're still expected to stay in character as much as they can.

But Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson doesn't really care about all that stuff. He's always doing his own thing and it's always something special. And everyone adores him for it. Today, the Great One surprised everyone by breaking character and tweeting about a UFC fighter named Themba T L Gorimbo, whom he gifted a house.

How did The Rock make it special for Themba? 

The famous actor didn't just give Themba a house, but also took family photos of Themba, put them in a frame, and placed them in the rooms before handing over the keys.

As soon as he entered with Themba, the UFC fighter couldn't hold back his tears upon seeing his family photos beautifully displayed in frames. He said, “So Themba, I wanted to bring you here, I wanted to look into your eye, and say ‘Welcome Home,’” The Rock said as he handed over the keys to Themba.

Themba was overwhelmed with emotion as he embraced The Rock while trying to hold back tears. Not only did The Rock give him the house, but he also personally drove him to the palace in his own car. The gift of the house was said to have been given to Themba by The Rock after the UFC fighter, in a recent social media post, disclosed that he only had $7 in his pocket.


The Brahma Bull went all out to help Themba, connecting with his story and relating it to his own life experience when The Rock himself had only $7 in his pocket.

On his X account, The Rock wrote, “This man Themba T L Gorimbo is a very special human being. Themba is committed to three things: His family, his village and people in Africa, and becoming world champion in the UFC. What an inspiration he is.Rooting for him all the way.”

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The Rock’s own story

The Rock's life was never easy, and he once mentioned that in 1995, he hit rock bottom with only $7 in his pocket. His football career ended due to an injury, his relationship with his parents was strained, and he was both financially and emotionally shattered.

He once vowed to himself that he wouldn't stay the same forever and would strive to achieve success. And he kept his word. In 1996, he entered the WWE ring for the first time, and by 1998, he had become a well-known and beloved WWE wrestler.

Ever since then, he hasn't turned back. People believed The Rock had found his place in WWE, but in 2002, he shocked everyone by leaving the company to pursue his acting career in The Scorpion King.

WWE wrestlers were not really expected to make it big in Hollywood, but The Rock proved everyone wrong by becoming a successful actor in just a few years. He had once revealed that people told him that his muscular body and heavy biceps wouldn’t work in Hollywood.

The Rock then said, “I am not going to confine to Hollywood, Hollywood is going to confine to me”. And the rest we know is history. 

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