When Kawhi Leonard’s ‘The Shot’ Bounced 4 Times Before Sending Whole Arena in Silence at Eastern Conference Semifinals

Relive the thrilling moment: The Shot that secured the Raptors' victory in the 2019 NBA playoffs, leaving fans across Canada ecstatic and celebratory.

Published on May 13, 2024  |  02:44 AM IST |  104.2K
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Kawhi goes and goes

Kawhi Leonard etched his name into NBA folklore with ‘The Shot’ five years ago on May 12, 2019.

This breathtaking Game 7 buzzer-beater, a one-of-a-kind feat in NBA history, secured a 92-90 victory for the Toronto Raptors over the Philadelphia 76ers and propelled the former to the Eastern Conference final on their path to clinching the 2019 NBA championship.

In a moment of dramatic silence, a pin dropping could have echoed throughout the bustling Scotiabank Arena and the lively Jurassic Park. These venues had been buzzing with energy all evening, but as the final shot of the game soared through the air, an entire nation collectively held its breath.

The electrifying atmosphere inside the arena during the crucial shot was mirrored by fans watching from afar, with emotions reaching a fever pitch as the ball met its mark. 

However, the anticipation of the iconic shot could be calculated by Joel Embiid’s expression, which he held for a couple of moments before the ball bounced four times and entered into the basket.

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Draymond Green Had the Most Honest Reaction on Kawhi Leonard's ‘The Shot’

Draymond Green's candid response to Kawhi Leonard's iconic "The Shot" during the 2019 NBA playoffs revealed the raw emotions and intense impact of the moment within the basketball fraternity. 

Recounting his countless views of the pivotal play, Green added a glimpse into the lingering effects of Leonard's game-winning shot and said, "I've watched that shot over a million times, and part due to, I feel like if that shot didn't go in, we winning the NBA championship.”

Green was joined by the Raptors' Fred VanVleet on his podcast, The Draymond Green Show, where the duo remembered the iconic shot. 

Similarly, among the countless spectators gathered at Maple Leaf Square on that fateful night, Ricky Mundorff stood witness to the intense Game 7 matchup. As per The Star.com, Mundoff said, "The atmosphere was on edge when the shot went up, and when it went in, it felt like all of Canada went wild.”

“There was so much screaming. I totally lost my voice and I was even in tears witnessing that special moment,” he added. 

For him, the entire evening was a harrowing ordeal, filled with nerves and anticipation leading up to the final shot. The emotions stirred within him during those moments are etched in his memory and are destined to remain an indelible part of his recollection.  

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