What is WhatsApp's New Feature? Latest Update To Restrict Users From Taking Screenshots of Profile Pictures

WhatsApp announced that its beta version now has a feature that safeguards users' profile pictures by prohibiting anyone from taking screenshots.

Published on Feb 23, 2024  |  03:48 PM IST |  92.1K
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
Key Highlight
  • WhatsApp has revealed a new feature in its beta version concerning user privacy
  • WhatsApp's new feature will restrict users from taking screenshots of profile pictures

One of the most widely used messaging apps worldwide, WhatsApp, is improving user privacy with frequent upgrades. As part of an ongoing attempt to protect user privacy, WhatsApp has included an unusual feature in its beta version that aims to protect users' profile images.

What is WhatsApp's new feature?

WhatsApp users used to be able to hide their profile images from strangers, but there was no way to stop other users from taking screenshots of their profile photos. However, current signs indicate that this is going to change shortly.

WhatsApp has taken it up a notch by adding a new feature that blocks users from taking screenshots of profile pictures. If someone tries to snap a pic of your display image, they'll be notified that it's not allowed.

Recognizing that no security solution is 100% perfect is important, even though this upgrade adds an extra layer of protection. People can still discover other ways to take screenshots, such as using a different device to take profile pictures, even though the app limits the capability.

Notably, WhatsApp does not now alert users when someone tries to grab a screenshot of their profile photo yet. The stable version of the app, which is used by billions of people worldwide, may take some time to integrate this feature.

The Privacy Settings section offers more customization options for WhatsApp users to enhance this improved privacy function. Users can take charge of who can see their personal information and reduce the possibility of unapproved disclosure by limiting who can see their profile picture.


WhatsApp's channel feature

A major update to WhatsApp's Channels feature was released earlier this month. The most recent update gives users a new method to engage with information on the site by enabling them to share channel posts through their status updates.

After successful testing, the latest version of WhatsApp has been verified for both iOS and Android users. Although sharing channel postings in individual or group chats is nothing new for users, this update concentrates on making it possible to share them within status updates.

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