The Garfield Movie Review: Chris Pratt voiced animated-comedy-adventure is funny, witty and mouth-watering

The Garfield Movie, directed by Mark Dindal, plays at a theatre near you now. Read our review and decide whether to watch the movie in theatres or not.

Published on May 17, 2024  |  11:01 AM IST |  89.2K
Chris Pratt, Garfield
The Garfield Movie is a lot of fun and warrants a watch in theatres with the entire family (Credit: Sony Pictures)
Key Highlight
  • The Garfield Movie is very enjoyable and witty
  • The Garfield Movie plays at a theatre in India from 17th May, 2024

Name: The Garfield Movie

Director: Mark Dindal

Cast (Voice Artists): Chris Pratt, Samuel L Jackson, Hannah Waddingham

Rating: 3.5/5

Where To Watch: Theatres


One stormy night, little Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt) is left in the shade of a garbage bin by his father Vic (voiced by Samuel L Jackson), as he goes to search for food. Little Garfield sees a boy Jon (voiced by Nicholas Hault) having pizzas at a restaurant across the street and goes to the window. Jon, who is quite lonely himself, is kind enough to offer him his food and then also take him home.

Garfield grows to be a food-loving and home-loving cat, who is having the time of his life, except for the Mondays in which he is taken to the vet. One night, Garfield and Odie, Jon's pet dog, are kidnapped and dragged into a mess that Vic has found himself in. The story that follows, shows how the trio go about their mission in hand, make new friends along, get out of the mess and take their revenge.

What works for The Garfield Movie:

The Garfield Movie is a total joy ride. It is very witty, hilarious and meta. The homage that the film pays to various classics is just outstanding and it will bring a wide smile on your face. Obviously, the animation is first rate. The voice dubbing is terrific. What works in the movie's favour is just how unserious it is. Also, The Garfield Movie is paced so well that you don't get time to go deep and pick on anything in particular.


What doesn't work for The Garfield Movie:

It's not like The Garfield Movie is flawless but as mentioned above, it is paced so well that you don't get time to critically analyse everything. The plot obviously gets silly and bizarre but you buy it all because it is just so much fun and because it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Watch The Garfield Movie Trailer:

Performances (Voices) in The Garfield Movie:

All the voice artists in the movie, from Chris Pratt to Samuel L Jackson, Hannah Waddingham, Ving Rhames do a great job with the dubbing. They make the movie all the more delightful.

Final Verdict Of The Garfield Movie:

The Garfield Movie is a total joyride. It is hilarious and witty. You can watch this enjoyable movie, now playing in theatres.

Are you planning to watch The Garfield Movie in theatres?

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