Who is Wesley Burris? 1945 nuclear bomb test victim says he does not have ill-feelings towards Oppenheimer's Oscars success

Wesley Burris, a survivor of the 1945 nuclear bomb test, discusses Oppenheimer's Oscar success. Despite the film's success, Burris harbors no grudges.

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Image Courtesy: Getty Images
Key Highlight
  • Wesley Burris, survivor of the 1945 nuclear bomb test, speaks out on Oppenheimer winning Oscars
  • Despite the film's omission of radiation exposure aftermath, Burris harbors no ill feelings

Wesley Burris has experienced a lot in his life. He survived an unimaginable event: the first atomic bomb explosion in 1945, as per TMZ. That event changed him forever, but he's shown incredible strength throughout. His story is about facing tough times and not giving up.  

Early childhood memories 

When Wesley Burris was only four years old, something terrifying occurred. On July 16, 1945, he was at home in the New Mexico desert with his family. Suddenly, a massive explosion shook their house and shattered their windows. Burris reminisces, "It was so bright, I couldn't see."  

They looked out and noticed a strange mushroom-shaped cloud in the distance. They had no idea what was going on, and neither did many others. It was a terrifying and perplexing experience for everyone.  

Wesley Burris and his family's situation deteriorated following the explosion. The Trinity test, a nuclear bomb test, released radioactive material into the atmosphere. It contaminated everything around them, including the land, water, and the food they ate. Years passed, and they began to notice the real damage.  

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Wesley's brother developed cancer and passed away. His sister and her daughter also developed cancer. Wesley had to deal with skin cancer. He tried Native American medicine to make himself feel better. It was a very difficult time for Wesley and his family. 

Oppenheimer's Oscars success 

Even though the film Oppenheimer won several Oscars and made a lot of money, Wesley Burris isn't upset about it. He paid to see the film and actually enjoyed it. "I paid money to go and watch it and thought it was good," he said. He understands that the filmmakers were most likely unaware of the people who suffered as a result of the nuclear test.  


Wesley hopes that by discussing what actually happened, more people will understand the difficulties that he and others like him are still experiencing. He wants everyone to know the truth about what happened after the test.  

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Tina Cordova, co-founder of the Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium, disagrees with Wesley Burris. She is upset that the film Oppenheimer omitted the truth about what happened to her and Wesley as a result of the nuclear test. Tina believes it's part of a larger problem in which the government is unconcerned about the people involved.  

Cordova emphasizes, "They knew about us when they made the film -- they just chose to ignore us again." She wants the government to acknowledge what occurred and assist the families who are still suffering. Wesley agrees with Tina, stating that the government must accept responsibility for what it did to people like him and his family. They both want the truth to be revealed and the government to make things right.  

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Know more about Wesley Burris:

Who is Wesley Burris?
Wesley Burris is a survivor of the 1945 nuclear bomb test known as the Trinity test.

How does Wesley Burris feel about Oppenheimer winning at the Oscars?
Despite any negative feelings about the film's portrayal of the nuclear test aftermath, Wesley Burris holds no grudges and even enjoyed watching the movie.

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