Oshi No Ko Chapter 155 - Aqua And Ruby Complete Their Revenge: Check Out Release Date, Expected Plot And More

Hikaru now finally knows the truth about Ai and her feelings for him. With their past redefined, fans can only wait for Oshi No Ko Chapter 155 to find out what comes next; get the release DEETS here.

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Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix
Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

In the last chapter, fans saw Hikaru Kamiki finally begin to understand Ai’s love for him after Aqua Hoshino showed him Ai's DVD. With Hikaru’s understanding of their past reshaped in this manner, fans can only wonder what could happen next. Oshi No Ko Chapter 155 is just around the corner with more, so don’t miss the chapter. Keep reading to find out the release date, expected plot and more.

Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Oshi No Ko Chapter 155: Release date and where to read

According to Shueisha's MANGA Plus website, Oshi No Ko Chapter 155 will debut on Wednesday, July 17, 2024, across most countries globally. However, in Japan and select regions, it will release on Thursday, July 18, 2024.

Readers can access Oshi No Ko Chapter 155 on Shueisha's MANGA Plus platform. The website permits free reading of the first three and the latest three chapters of any manga series. The mobile app offers access to all chapters, but only the first three and the latest three can be revisited without restrictions.

Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Expected plot of Oshi No Ko Chapter 155

In Oshi No Ko Chapter 155, fans can expect to see Hikaru Kamiki truly struggling with the despair of failing to understand Ai Hoshino's feelings, coupled with his admitted role in her murder. This guilt may even drive him to seek being arrested.

The twins may try to help in this scenario, given that Ai's message to Aqua and Ruby was to help their father if he ever felt lost. Fans may see the siblings attempt to aid Hikaru in Oshi No Ko Chapter 155, perhaps even seeking a reduced sentence for him.


Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Oshi No Ko Chapter 154 recap

Titled 15-Year Lie, Oshi No Ko Chapter 154 continues with Hikaru Kamiki reacting with Ai's request to end their relationship. She then reveals that she is pregnant, and when Hikaru suggest marriage, Ai tells him she is burdened by Hikaru's past, including his child with Airi Himekawa and the deaths of Seijuro Uehara and Airi Himekawa.

She says that she cannot see herself marrying him, and, despite his heartbreak, Hikaru understands her decision. In the present, Hikaru admits to Aqua that he provided Ai's fan, Ryosuke, with her address, hoping to cause her despair but not murder. Aqua questions Hikaru about Ai's feelings, leading to Hikaru's affirmation that Ai never loved him, as she aimed to protect herself from danger.

Aqua then challenges Hikaru's claim in Oshi No Ko Chapter 154, pointing out that Ai's actions, like giving birth to his children, contradict his statement. Aqua reveals he is still deliberating with the staff about including Ai's DVD content in the film's end credits.


As they watch the DVD together, Ai explains her breakup with Hikaru was to avoid burdening him, despite her deep desire for a shared future. Ai confesses her love for the first time, saying she had hoped to share the responsibility of their children someday.

Ai's message asks Aqua and Ruby to save Hikaru if he becomes lost, and Aqua discloses that Ruby's portrayal of Ai's words, "I can't love you," in the movie were also meant to be false. Oshi No Ko Chapter 154 concludes with Aqua saying that the film 15 Year Lie represents Ai's love letter to Hikaru, as well as a form of vengeance for her misunderstood feelings.

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*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of the creators.

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