Oshi No Ko Chapter 151: Release Date, Where To Read, Expected Plot And More

Aqua might finally relinquish his vendetta against Hikaru Kamiki and allow himself to be a teenager. Oshi no Ko Chapter 151 is around the corner with more, so get the release date and more here.

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Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix
Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Fans await Oshi no Ko Chapter 151 now that Aqua and Kana have realized their feelings for each other. After getting his blessing from his past self, Gorou, Aqua may finally be on the brink of letting go of his vengeance against Hikaru Kamiki. Don’t miss the upcoming chapter. Find out the release date, expected plot, and more here.

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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Oshi No Ko Chapter 151: Release date and where to read

As confirmed by MANGAPlus, it is set for release on Tuesday, June 5, 2024, at 12 am JST. It will be available for global fans on Wednesday, June 6, around 3 pm GMT / 8 am PT / 11 am ET. However, exact timing may vary depending on upload speed and time zone differences. To read the latest Oshi No Ko chapters, fans can visit Shueisha's MANGAPlus service.

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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Expected plot of Oshi No Ko Chapter 151

Aqua is likely to reflect on Gorou’s advice and his own feelings. Oshi No Ko Chapter 151 might see Aqua finally making a decision regarding his feelings for Kana and his mission against Hikaru. This may happen after he meets Kana for a ‘date’ in the next chapter.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 151 might also witness Kana express her feelings to Aqua more openly instead, as she has now come to terms with her feelings. Additionally, regarding Ruby’s feelings for Gorou, we may see her get upset about this meeting and/or try to interfere.


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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 recap

In Oshi no Ko Chapter 150, titled Knife, readers are taken into a dream sequence where Aqua encounters Gorou at the entryway of his childhood home. Aqua questions Gorou about his relentless pursuit of revenge. Gorou responds that his perspective has shifted; he once believed he had lost everything.

However, discovering that Sarina, in her new life as Ruby, is living her dream as an idol has changed things. Gorou says that he has already received his reward and is ready to fade away like a distant memory, allowing Aqua to choose his path — whether it involves killing Hikaru or enjoying his youth with the girl he likes.

Gorou also firmly declares that he will not let a ‘playboy’ like Aqua get close to Sarina. Aqua, however, clarifies that he only views Ruby as his ‘precious little sister’ and recognizes that Gorou is the one she truly loves. With this understanding, Gorou shifts the conversation to Aqua's love interests, suspecting that Aqua has feelings for Kana.


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He notes Aqua's admiration for Kana's straightforwardness while also suggesting that she seems interested in him, too. When Gorou encourages Aqua to pursue Kana, Aqua reacts angrily, indicating that he is already aware of his feelings. Aqua’s dream concludes when Gorou tells Aqua that he no longer needs to pretend to be Gorou and that he should instead live freely.

Meanwhile, at Kana's apartment, Kana reflects on a recent conversation with Akane. Although she declined Akane's offer to help her get together with Aqua, Akane teasingly suggested that Kana act quickly, as she might change her mind and reclaim Aqua. Kana thinks about her evolving feelings for Aqua.

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Initially, she resented him for outshining her as a child actor, but upon reuniting as teenagers, she grew to admire his dedication to his craft. Over time, Kana realized she had developed a crush on him, though she doubts he perceives her feelings. At the end of her train of thought, Kana admits to herself that she loves Aqua. Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 concludes as she sends him a text, asking if he is free on Saturday.


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*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of the creators

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