Oshi No Ko Chapter 153: Final Arc Begins; Release Date, Where To Read, Expected Plot And More

Oshi No Ko will be beginning its final arc, and fans are more excited than ever as Aqua faces off against his father. Don’t miss the start in Oshi No Ko Chapter 153 and get the release date and more here.

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Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix
Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

As the final arc begins in Oshi No Ko Chapter 153, there is a strong likelihood that the story will center on the release of The 15-Year Lie movie and the public's reaction. With the potential of ruining Hikaru Kamiki's public image, fans can only wonder what drastic measures the twins’ father may take in retaliation.

The final arc, titled ‘Toward the Stars and Dreams,’ promises to be full of intense drama and significant consequences as the truth edges closer to the surface. Don’t miss the arc’s first chapter and get Oshi No Ko Chapter 153’s release date, expected plot, and more here.

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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Oshi No Ko Chapter 153: Release date and where to read

According to MANGAPlus, Oshi No Ko Chapter 153 is set to be released on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 12 am JST. However, due to global time zone variations, readers in most countries will receive it a day earlier, on Wednesday, June 26, 2024. The chapter will be released in Weekly Young Jump 2024 #30.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 153 will be exclusively available for reading on Shueisha's MANGAPlus platform, accessible through its website and mobile app. The website offers the first three and latest three chapters per series, while the app provides access to all chapters with premium membership for more than the first and latest three.


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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Expected plot of Oshi No Ko Chapter 153

Oshi No Ko Chapter 153 will mark the beginning of the final arc, ‘Toward the Stars and Dreams.’ The chapter will likely focus on the theatrical release of The 15-Year Lie. Since the movie refers to Hikaru Kamiki as Boy A without revealing his identity, the arc may also focus on the public's efforts to uncover Boy A's true identity.

Additionally, before the movie's premiere, Oshi No Ko Chapter 153 might shift to Kana Arima's graduation performance. She invited Aqua to watch her performance as Kana hopes to captivate him with her talent, so fans can expect some emotional confrontations as the manga's climactic conclusion gets closer.

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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Oshi no Ko Chapter 152 recap

Oshi no Ko Chapter 152, titled Interview, focuses on the aftermath of the first screening of The 15 Year Lie. Gotanda is interviewed and describes the film as a ‘true creative work,’ dedicating it to Ai in his closing remarks.


In November, the movie's initial screening for the production team evoked strong emotions, with many moved to tears. Frill, unable to stop sobbing, praises Gotanda for making even the weakest actors shine. Ruby is curious about Frill's comment on bad actors, leading Kana to clarify that Frill meant her. Everyone agrees, much to Ruby's annoyance.

Melt defends Ruby, saying she was the only one who could have done the film’s final scene. Ruby then fawns over him, irritating him in Oshi no Ko Chapter 152. Gotanda shares a moment with Kaburagi, who questions whether Gotanda managed to capture the ‘real Ai.’ Gotanda admits his regrets have faded, allowing him to look forward.

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Kaburagi, feeling guilty for unintentionally introducing Ai to Hikaru, used his influence to realize The 15 Year Lie for her children's sake. Gotanda teases Kaburagi about his suppressed desire to be a director, igniting Kaburagi's frustration. Kaburagi then reflects on his contribution to Ai's memory when he encounters her poster.


Meanwhile, Aqua is interviewed about his role in the film in Oshi no Ko Chapter 152. When asked why he participated, Aqua reveals that his performance was for himself, not for his mother or sister. The journalist attempts to probe Aqua's motivations; he insists he loves no one and rejects reciprocating anyone's feelings.

The journalist challenges this, suggesting Aqua's actions betray his words. Oshi no Ko Chapter 152 then reveals that the interviewer is none other than Hikaru Kamiku himself. Aqua ultimately admits he seeks revenge for his mother to help his family move forward.

For more updates on Aqua’s final revenge on his father in the Oshi No Ko manga, stay tuned to Pinkvilla.

*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of the creators.

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