Does Beyoncé Have Psoriasis? Pop Icon Reveals While Addressing 'Deeply Personal' Hair Journey

Beyoncé revealed having psoriasis during her childhood, which caused her scalp to be itchy and patchy. The singer revealed this amidst the launch of her new beauty products.

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Beyoncé revealed having Psoriasis during her childhood days. Ahead of the launch of her haircare products under the name of Cécred, the singer recalled the treatments she had to go through to cure her scalp disease. In her conversation with Essence, she revealed, "The relationship we have with our hair is such a deeply personal journey. From spending my childhood in my mother's salon to my father applying oil to my scalp to treat my Psoriasis, these moments have been sacred to me."

Skin with Psoriasis becomes scratchy and inflamed in certain areas due to an autoimmune disease. The Beautiful Liar singer hinted towards her new venture in May 2023, where she confessed that it was the impact of growing up in her mother's salon. Cécred is now available on its official website. 

Actresses who dealt with Psoriasis

It's not just the Countdown singer who openly confessed about Psoriasis; many of the artists earlier had talked about dealing with the chronic disease. Cara Delevingne disclosed that Kate Moss witnessed her applying paint to conceal the patches before she took the stage.

At the same time, Kim Kardashian discussed her illness experience in a letter published in a magazine. Kardashian, too, shared that even her mother, Kris Jenner, had to go through treatment to cure the patches. She revealed, "She had it in her scalp and all over her body, and I'd see it all the time and remember her going to the tanning salon to try and ease it." She further added, "Even though I always grew up with my mom having psoriasis and hearing her talk about her struggle, I really had no idea what my life would be like dealing with an autoimmune disease myself." 


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Everything to know about Cécred

Beyoncé released her hair care products, which was looked forward to by the fans. A range of eighty products, including shampoos, nourishing hair oil, moisture-sealing lotion, fermented rice and rose ritual treatment, and a shaking vessel, were introduced by Cécred. Speaking of her new venture, the Halo singer shared, "Cécred is a legacy project for me, one that's probably the most rooted in my ancestry. It's so far beyond business. Hair is our lineage; it's our family story. Having access to proven ingredients and creating our own technology that is patent-pending, we now have a line that works universally." Cécred is made of two words, one being the singer's last two initials, while the other half of the word comes from sacred. 

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