Glen Powell Reveals What Advice Matthew McConaughey Gave That Made Him Move Back To Texas

One of the main reasons Powell decided to move back to Texas was to be closer to his family. As his parents get older and his niece and nephew grow up, he wants to be more involved in their lives.

Published on May 24, 2024  |  10:08 PM IST |  53.7K
Glen Powell Reveals Why He Shifted to Texas on Matthew McConaughey's Advice
Glen Powell and Matthew McConaughey (PC: IMDb)

Glen Powell, who is best known for his roles in Top Gun: Maverick and Devotion, has made an unexpected choice to relocate to Texas. That’s right he has decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and move back home state, Texas.

He recently revealed that his decision to leave LA was influenced by fellow Texas actor Matthew McConaughey. After living in LA for 15 years and making a name for himself, he felt the need to return to his roots. Let’s find out the reasons behind Powell’s move and how McConaughey’s advice inspired him.

Powell was inspired by McConaughey’s choice to live a quieter life in Texas

In 2008, Glen Powell made his debut and quickly rose to fame. Despite his growing success, Powell now feels it's time to leave the Hollywood spotlight. His decision was heavily influenced by McConaughey, who has been vocal about his choice to leave Hollywood. He left the glitz and glamour for a quieter life in Texas.

Recently, during an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Powell revealed McConaughey’s advice. “He’s like, ‘Hollywood is the Matrix man. You plug in and it’s all fake world. Then I go to Austin, and I unplug. And, it’s all real, my friends, my family, my actions matter here.’” This advice of McConaughey resonated with Powell. He realized the fact that the line between his personal and professional life is often blurred in Hollywood.

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Family matters for Powell

One of the main reasons behind Powe’s decision to move back to Texas was to be closer to his family. As his parents get older and his niece and nephew grow up, he wants to be more involved in their lives. Powell bought a house in Texas which is just 30 minutes away from his parent's house. And according to reports he has already sold his home in Los Angeles.


Powell said, “There’s no separation of those worlds. And for me, especially as my parents get older, my niece and nephew are growing up, I want a separation of those worlds.”

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Powell wants to finish his college

Another reason behind Powell’s desire to move is to finish his college degree. He grew up in Austin and attended the University of Texas for one year. Now, he wants to finish his degree in Spanish and Early American History. He said, “I think it’s really important to my mom, and it’s more of an emotional thing for me. Plus I’m so close, I can taste it.”

Despite moving away from Hollywood, Powell assured his fans that he would continue acting. He plans to maintain a balance between his work and personal life. According to reports, he still owns a place in Tribeca, New York. So, he can stay there, while working on any project.


Moreover, he’s excited about his upcoming projects, including the documentary, The Blue Angels. Additionally, the highly anticipated Top Gun 3, is currently underway. Powell stars in this one alongside, Tom Cruise, Len Popelle, and Miles Taylor.

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Why did Glen Powell move back to Texas?
Glen Powell moved back to Texas to be closer to his family and finish his college education.

Who inspired Glen Powell to move to Texas?
Matthew McConaughey's advice inspired Glen Powell to move to Texas.

Will Glen Powell continue acting after moving to Texas?
Yes, Glen Powell will continue acting while balancing his work and personal life.

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