Kabir Singh Deleted Scene: Know what happened when angry Shahid Kapoor met BFF Shiva's 'objectifying' brother-in-law-to-be

In today's deleted scene thread, see how once Shahid Kapoor's Kabir Singh character was seen schooling his friend Shiva's brother-in-law-to-be about objectifying women and its ironically good.

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Kabir Singh Deleted Scene: When angry Shahid met BFF's 'objectifying' brother-in-law-to-be (Image: Pinkvilla)
Kabir Singh Deleted Scene: When angry Shahid met BFF's 'objectifying' brother-in-law-to-be (Image: Pinkvilla)

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Bollywood debut was a banger. The filmmaker remade his own Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy with the name Kabir Singh which featured Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani in the lead.

While we have seen most of what they could have shown on the screen, there’s one sequence of Kabir preaching against women objectification and you should not miss it by any chance.

Kabir Singh lashes Shiva’s brother-in-law-to-be for objectifying women

A specific scene that was removed from the movie was one where Shiva takes his would-be brother-in-law to meet Kabir Singh. Shiva introduces him as a physician from London to Kabir and introduces the latter as a topper from college and a surgeon. What comes next is a series of rants by the new guest in town.

Shiva’s would-be BIL can be heard saying in Hindi, “Such a long flight from London to Mumbai, man. That too with aunty-type air hostesses. Heavy, oily, fat. If you make me wear a sari with bags, I will look sexier than them.”

Kabir Singh was quick to look at Shiva and ask him if he really wanted to marry his sister to a man who believes in objectifying women. While trying to defend himself, the NRI dude accuses Kabir of being unmarried and sleeping with a woman. Both the friends were quick to shout at him and tell him that Preeti was also his dog's name.


See the hilarious yet ironic video here:-

When Shahid Kapoor defended being a miserable lover in Kabir Singh

One of the reasons this deleted scene was worth watching was because the movie was accused largely of being a toxic display of masculinity, allegedly promoting misogyny and violence against women among many other problematic things - a signature filmmaker vision of Sandeep Reddy Vanga.

In an interview with Midday, Shahid once defended the movie and took the sides of box office numbers. “When Kabir Singh released, so many people refused to accept that the film is being liked by the audience. If people are liking the film, who are you to say, 'How dare you make a film like this?',” Shahid opined.

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