THROWBACK: BTS’ V was once educated on rules by ARMYs on an open fan chat he tried to join

Reminiscing about the funny moment when V of BTS tried to join an open fan chat but was rather schooled on rules by ARMYs who did not know his real identity. Keep on reading to know what went down.

Published on Mar 03, 2024  |  05:55 PM IST |  79.5K
BTS' V; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS' V; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC

V of BTS, aka Kim Taehyung, once tried to join an open fan chat but things did not go as planned and he was even taught a thing or two by his fans, the ARMYs. It all happened around 5 years ago, but the moment is still one of the funniest things done by the Slow Dancing singer. V is known for his cheerful personality and he is a person who likes pulling pranks too, so this incident was something he would do. 

When BTS’ V was taught a thing or two about rules by ARMYs as he tried to enter an open fan chat 

BTS’ V back in 2019, decided to go on a late-night walk but not outside, in the virtual world. So one late night the Winter Bear singer thought of entering an open chat room on KakaoTalk. But as it turned out, it was way harder than he thought. He found himself amongst ARMYs who were ready to educate him about the rules of the chat room. 

The BTS member considered joining the open chat at 3 AM as he wanted to talk with his fans. But, things were quite difficult there, V soon found himself being reprimanded on various things by ARMYs. 

What happened between V and ARMYs in the chatroom?

The first thing that he was taught was to use his real name, not an idol’s as fans did not know that the person they were scolding was actually V of BTS. Second, the Slow Dancing singer did not know that in the chat room one only talks with pictures whereas he was using texts. He was even fined for the same, he apologized and promised to follow all the rules but it was too confusing for V, so he was failing miserably trying to grasp it all. 


Finally, to avoid getting kicked out of the chat room, V tried to prove his identity and sent a voice message in the chat room, moreover promising to post proof on Twitter (now X). He later posted a video thanking the ARMYs through BTS’ Twitter account. Soon, he left the chat room but promised before leaving that once he had learned all about chatrooms he would try to come back. A fun and memorable moment shared by V and ARMYs, for sure.

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