The Undertaker Says He's Not Interested in a Netflix Roast Like Tom Brady, But Suggests Two Pro-Wrestlers Who Would Be a Good Fit

The Undertaker rejected the concept of participating in a show similar to Netflix's Tom Brady Roast. Instead, he proposed two other WWE legends who would be more suitable for that type of show.

Published on May 15, 2024  |  08:07 PM IST |  44.9K
Image Courtesy : The Undertaker's Official Instagram Account
Image Courtesy : The Undertaker's Official Instagram Account

A couple of days ago, NFL legend Tom Brady surprised fans with his appearance on a Netflix roast. The show, centered around Brady himself, featured celebrities and comedians exchanging humorous jabs, many of which were quite risqué.

Recently, WWE legend and Hall of Famer The Undertaker discussed the idea of participating in a similar roast on his podcast, Under Six Feet. The Phenom quickly dismissed the idea for himself but suggested two other WWE superstars who would be ideal candidates for such an event.

During the podcast, when his co-host broached the subject of a roast similar to Tom Brady's, The Undertaker responded, "Will you stop saying that? You know WWE monitors this, right? I'm telling you, if this somehow miraculously happens, you and I are going to have problems."

He continued, "There are a lot of guys who came before me that need to be roasted. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair would be good choices, but he's affiliated with a different company."

The Undertaker Slams Fans Who Trouble Professional Wrestlers on Airports 

The Undertaker, one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling, has maintained his "Deadman" persona for decades. A few years ago, following his retirement announcement, he broke character to openly discuss various aspects of his career and share his perspectives on numerous topics.


Recently, The Undertaker appeared on the Busted Open podcast, where he addressed the issue of fans who harass wrestlers and other celebrities at airports.


The Phenom shared, "If I'm traveling alone, without my family, I try to be as accommodating as I can to my fans. It's part of the job. However, those people who constantly pester us aren't really fans; they're just trying to make a buck. It drives me absolutely crazy. I saw a video online where Rhea Ripley was at the check-in counter, and this guy kept handing her photo after photo to sign. I found myself talking to Rhea through the screen, telling her to just turn around and walk away. That kind of behavior really annoys me."

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