Twenty-Five Twenty-One marks 2 years: Deep dive into refreshing characters of Kim Tae Ri-Nam Joo Hyuk starrer

Twenty-Five Twenty-One starring Kin Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk is a hit K-drama which was released in 2022. The drama talks of friendship, love, inspiration, dreams, youth and more.

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Twenty-Five Twenty-One: tvN
Twenty-Five Twenty-One: tvN

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a romance comedy which stars Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, Bona, Choi Hyun Wook and Lee Joo Myung. It tells the story of five friends as they go from navigating the ups and downs of high school to adulthood and settling down. The drama was a massive success when it came out in 2022 and received a lot of love and attention from fans globally. It is a relatable coming-of-age story which digs deep into the youth that people enjoy till adulthood takes over and the realities of life kick in. 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Character breakdown

Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Do 

Kim Tae Ri took on the lead role of Na Hee Do who is a teenage prodigy and part of the fencing team. She is a determined student who will go to lengths to get what she wants from her life. After her father passes away, her motivation takes a hit and her life changes. Her mother becomes busy with work in order to raise her daughter which makes Na Hee Do even more lonely. This is when she comes across Baek Yi Jin and they form a friendship. Her rival who also works as a source of inspiration for her, Go Yu Rim, also turns into her friend and they support each other in their endeavours. 

Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin 

Nam Joo Hyuk played the hardworking Baek Yi Jin who is the son of a big businessman but soon has to stand up on his own feet as the family business collapses due to the financial crisis. He soon has to become more mature than his age and take up responsibility. He gets a job as a sports journalist after multiple trials and part-time jobs. Na Hee Do becomes a ray of light in his life and influences him positively with her words. He starts developing feelings for her. 


Bona as Go Yu Rim 

Go Yu Rim is a 17-year-old fencer who made her place in the fencing world at a very young age. She comes from a poor family and does not have the means to take up fencing but Baek Yi Jin's family sponsors her. But she faces financial struggles yet again when their family business goes down. Fencing then becomes more than her profession and a means of survival for her and her family. Her hard work takes her abroad for future studies and her finally she ends up with a secure and happy life. 

More about Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One tells the unique story of a teen fencer Na Do Hee who is a prodigy. Set during the years of financial crisis in South Korea, her fencing team goes through turbulent times. she crosses paths with a young university student Baek Yi Jin whose rich family suddenly becomes poor due to the crisis. He eventually becomes a sports journalist. Their group of friends also includes Go Yu Rim, Moon Ji Woong and Ji Seung Wan. They grow up together during times of distress and fulfill their dreams. 

The drama has been directed by Jung Ji Hyun and Kim Seung Ho. Jung Ji Hyun has also worked on King: The Eternal Monarch, Search: WWW, and more. Kim Seung Ho also directed Joseon Attorney: A Morality. The series was written by Kwon Do Eun who is also known for Search: WWW. 

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