Happy Kim Tae Ri Day: Komparison of actress’ roles in rom-com Twenty-Five Twenty-One and horror series Revenant

Kim Tae Ri turns 33 today April 24. Let’s revisit her diverse roles in the popular rom-com drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One and the occult horror Revenant. Read on!

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Kim Tae Ri: Images from tvN and Disney+
Kim Tae Ri: Images from tvN and Disney+

Kim Tae Ri, a phenomenal actress, gradually established a strong foothold in the Korean film and TV industry with an array of riveting performances in popular dramas and Korean films. She witnessed a surge in her popularity after starring in auteur Park Chan Wook’s acclaimed film The Handmaiden, which was released in 2016.

In the following years, the talented actress continued to further cement her stance in the K-drama landscape with Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Mr. Sunshine, and Revenant. Over the years she has won numerous accolades, thanks to her ability to bring depth and nuance to any roles she takes on, which also sets her apart from her contemporaries. 

Today, as she turns 33, let’s celebrate her day with an in-depth comparison of two of her most popular characters.

Kim Tae Ri's bittersweet character in Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a very popular rom-com drama that features Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk in the main roles. WJSN member Bona also co-stars them in a pivotal character. 

The narrative, starring from the present day, instantly transports us back to the 90s, when Na Hee Do was a high schooler. She is an aspiring fencer, who dreams of bringing medals for her country. Then there’s Baek Ijin, a young hardworking man, who relentlessly pursues the way of figuring out his life. When the duo meets, an inspiring friendship forms which later blossoms into romance. 



Despite delivering a climatic misstep, Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a beautiful drama about love, endearment, friendship, ambitions, and more. Kim Tae Ri embodies the character of Na Hee Do and she does it with perfection. From the bittersweet ending of her character and the emotional turbulence, this role presents a new challenge to The Handmaiden actress.

Most importantly, when the drama takes off, Na Hee Do is a teenager, and it's hard to believe how the actress in her 30s excelled at portraying the jolly and quaint side of her character. She is naive yet mature at times, she is far from a logical person, yet her brazen determination and brassy attitude are what makes the soul of Na Hee Do.

Kim Tae Ri perfectly captures each moment, from the emotional tearjerking scenes to the tomboyish walk which almost resembles the usual movements of young athletes. Her adorable features help her with this portrayal. However, when the drama’s finale completes a full circle, featuring the present day, once again, viewers can see the emotional maturity Na Hee Do harbors and the way the actress portrays the agony.

To wrap up the revisitation, Kim Tae Ri in Twenty-Five Twenty-One is an acting prodigy who promises us to continue with her soulful passion bringing intricate characters to life.

Kim Tae Ri's 'many faces' in horror series Revenant

Contrasting to her role in Twenty-Five Twenty-One, the occult series Revenant is a perfect display of Kim Tae Ri’s many faces. This horror drama is anchored by her from the very beginning till the end. 

The actress transforms into Gu San Yeong, a young woman who accompanied by her mother, visits her father’s very creepy house after his demise. But upon returning home, she gets possessed by a demon that keeps lurking in her mind trying to take control. 

Soon, she realizes the havoc she is creating as the evil spirit, which is attached to her body.  Then she meets a folklore professor, an old friend of her late father, who comes to her aid. Gradually, a young police lieutenant also gets involved in their business and the trio is set to get rid of the demon once and for all.

The narrative is further enriched by Kim Tae Ri’s seamless acting transition which brilliantly captures San Yeong oscillating between two personas. The young woman herself is a very usual character, trying to stay afloat in her life by taking jobs as a chauffeur and so on. But the twist comes after the evil spirit gets confined in her body, presenting Kim Tae Ri a chance to bring out her diverse charm.


As the story unfolds further, San Yeong’s character grapples with many jolting transitions, while the real her battles the demon for her dear life, the evil inside only looks forward to revenge and havoc. From the demonic smirk, and vengeful eyes to overall mannerisms, Kim Tae Ri is always on point with her performance. 

There’s much mistrust and fear between the two sides of her character, and her way of nailing this challenging role only proves why she truly fits the occult genre.

There’s one more thing that should definitely be told about Revenant, and that is Kim Tae Ri’s impeccable energy with Oh Jung Se, who portrays the folklore professor Yeom Hae Sang. With his ability to see the demon and San Yeong’s determination to get rid of it, the duo form a strong force, often relying on each other for their lives.

To conclude, Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Revenant, both series are must-watchs to get an in-depth idea about Kim Tae Ri’s potential. But despite her very contrasting roles in these two dramas, the finale notes on her commendable character synchronization that captures all emotional transitions perfectly doesn’t matter if it’s a bittersweet rom-com or satisfying occult. 

A very happy birthday to Kim Tae Ri and we look forward to witness more riveting performances from her.

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