Do you have eye bags and dark circles? THIS is why it happens

Dark circles and puffy eyes can impact the way we look and the reason behind all this is more important than the cure and home remedies we look for. Know the causes behind this problem and prevent it instead!
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Puffy eyes or eye bags and dark circles under your eyes are like your worst skincare nightmare. They make your eyes look baggy and tired and it also impacts your skin. And then we spend most of our time looking for eye creams and home remedies to cure them and we cover it up with lots of makeup. while home remedies are a great natural solution to all your skin related problems, it's a much better idea to take adequate steps to prevent them instead of looking for cures. Puffy eyes and dark circles are caused by a number of reasons and just following a good sleeping pattern may not help you solve this problem. A long term solution requires that you understand the causes of this skincare problem. The skin around our eyes is very sensitive and needs extra care. Here are a few reasons why you end up with puffy eyes and dark circles more often than you'd like.

1. Rubbing your eyes is a bad habit that can cause dark circles and puffy eyes. If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes, it could irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes and lead to puffy eyes or dark circles even.

2. If you have allergies that make your eyes water it could lead to puffy eyes and dark circles. If you are allergic to pollen or dust or smoke it can lead to the thin blood vessels under your eyes getting swollen up. Treating your allergies is the right way to go.

3. The wrong makeup can do much more damage than you'd think. When you use that concealer to cover up your dark circles it could be irritating your sensitive skin under the eyes instead or it could be your mascara or eyeliner for that matter. The quality of your makeup and the expiry date is very important to look out for.

4. If you stress too much it could lead to tiredness and can cause strain to the blood vessels around your eyes and lead to puffiness and stubborn dark circles.

5. Not using a good sunscreen can have a major impact on your eyes. Protecting your eyes from the UV rays is very important. Too much exposure to the sun can damage the blood vessels around your eyes so watch for the right SPF and sunscreen. 

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I have been using Dermalmd under eye serum twice a day for about a month and I feel like my under eye bags are getting smaller and the under-eye area feels more moisturized.

I need a good remedy to remove eye bags


I want a home remedy to clear and treat my dark circles

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