When WWE Hall Of Famer Sting Almost Died In WCW During Scary Stunt

WWE Hall of Famer Sting once revealed that he almost died doing a dangerous stunt in WCW.

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Sting (Credit: Instagram)
Sting (Credit: Instagram)

Sting had one of the most mesmerizing entrances in WCW history. Known as The Icon, he would descend from the rafters to the middle of the ring, appearing almost like a superhero. This dramatic entrance played a pivotal role in defining his "Crow" persona.

The incident that could have killed Sting 

Rappelling from the rafters was not only challenging but also fraught with potential risks. In a 2004 interview with Wrestling Epicenter, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion recounted the harrowing details of his iconic entrance that could have been fatal.

He said during his first-day training with rafters, he was in Chicago, practicing with a handful of stunt guys. As expected, Sting or Steve Borden was nervous during the practice session. While going down with the rafter, he was rotating repetitively, even after multiple attempts. One stuntman explained that he was rotating because he was going down at a slower pace. 

Even though Sting raised his concerns regarding it to Eric Bischoff, the latter told him to do it on live TV. On the other hand, Sting was aware that if he kept twirling on the rafter while descending to the ring, he would make a fool of himself, losing the seriousness of his character. 


On WCW Nitro, Sting was about to make a grand entrance, but he observed that they didn't properly set up his rafter. In his words, 

"When I stepped over, we realized we had the thing set up backward. So while I was standing on the edge, we had to flip the rope around and then release it through.... if I had stepped over and done it, the same thing that happened to Owen would have happened to me". 

Owen Hart died on his way down from the rafters

Besides Sting, Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels made similar entrances in the 90s by coming down from the rafters with the help of a rope. The tragic incident occurred at Over the Top 1999 pay-per-view.

Suffering multiple injuries from the accident, he died at the age of 34. Fortunately,  Sting noticed the wrong rafter placement right away, which prevented him from meeting a similar fate as Owen Hart. 


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