Has Apple scrapped electric car project plans to focus on AI? Here's what we know so far

According to reports, Apple Inc. has canceled its electric car project following a decade-long, multibillion-dollar campaign to compete with Tesla.

Published on Feb 28, 2024  |  12:53 PM IST |  28.8K
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
Key Highlight
  • Apple Inc. has scrapped its electric car project as it plans to focus more on EV
  • The announcement marks the end of Project Titan — one of the most significant projects of Apple

Apple has shelved its ambitions to produce an electric car with self-driving capabilities, a device that had been in development for more than a decade.

Apple plans to focus more on AI

In an internal meeting on Tuesday, the company informed staff that the project had been canceled and that members of the group would be reassigned to various responsibilities, including those in Apple's artificial intelligence business.

Apple's electric automobile project, known as Project Titan, was reported to have cost billions of dollars in research and development, and its cancelation represents a major change from its prior strategy. Though Apple had not yet presented its car to the world, it had been one of Silicon Valley's worst-kept secrets for many years due to its testing on public roads.

Project Titan

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, had previously hinted at the company's interest in developing a car, but he never confirmed that it was in the works. The project sparked a lot of interest and conjecture in both the technology and automobile sectors. Apple hired top experts from prominent vehicle manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Tesla to spearhead its efforts, and it acquired the self-driving company Drive.ai in 2019.

According to Bloomberg, the announcement caught several project staff off guard, and some may lose their jobs. The project has undergone numerous problems and adjustments since its inception in 2014. The company had struggled to introduce a product to the market and had amended its plans time and again.

In 2016, Apple fired off dozens of project employees, and in 2021, the chief executive in charge of the project left for Ford. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple has extended the car's launch date to at least 2028. According to the publication, the business had also reduced its aim for the car from fully autonomous to one with self-driving features akin to Tesla's automobiles.

Apple will reportedly dedicate more resources to generative AI projects and will transfer some of the engineers and researchers working on the automobile project to its special projects group.


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