Former T-ara member Areum’s boyfriend accused as fraudster and sexual offender; Deets

Korean media has claimed that ex T-ara member Areum’s boyfriend is a fraudster and reports also suggest Areum’s involvement in his fraudulent activities.

Published on Apr 02, 2024  |  08:49 PM IST |  69.7K
Areum’s boyfriend is a fraudster and sexual offender
Areum with boyfriend: courtesy of Areum's Instagram
Key Highlight
  • Areum recently tried to take her own life but has now regained her consciousness
  • Areum was married to Kim Young Gul who has been abusing her and their son

TRIGGER WARNING: This text contains references to sexual assault, suicide

The boyfriend of former T-ara member Areum has been identified as a fraudster. On April 1, a Korean online media portal referred to the idol's boyfriend as ‘The 2nd coming of Jeon Chung Jo,’ drawing parallels to the infamous fraudster who reportedly deceived Olympic athlete Nam Hyun Hee.

Areum’s boyfriend’s alleged fraudulent actions

According to Dispatch’s reports, Seo Dong Hoon had been incarcerated in 2021 for offenses including fraud, sexual assault, and issuing threats. Areum's partner is said to have spent 2 years and 6 months behind bars. Of particular concern is the revelation that two out of the three victims involved in the case were his former girlfriends. 

The online platform disclosed that upon his release from prison in September 2023, Seo Dong Hoon began falsely presenting himself as a screenwriter affiliated with Lotte Entertainment, a prominent Korean conglomerate. It was also disclosed that Areum first initiated contact with him in October, and further revealed that just two months after their initial interaction, the pair began soliciting money from acquaintances. The media portal questioned if Areum was duped by Seo Dong Hoon's fake Instagram page. Although it was not determined when their love began, speculations about their first meeting and following actions have been rife. It has been claimed that Areum and Seo Dong Hoon began asking acquaintances for money only two months after meeting.


More about Areum and her new boyfriend committing fraud

According to the report, the couple borrowed 30 million KRW (approximately USD 22,300) from T-ara’s fans, falsely claiming that the money was required to cover medical expenses for Areum's child. They continued to send photos of themselves at a hospital to acquaintances, soliciting additional funds. The online media portal revealed that out of the total borrowed amount of KRW 44.0 million (around USD 32,700), only 2 million KRW  (approximately USD 1,490) has been repaid. It was reported that there are at least 10 victims of this deception. The publication's report comes shortly after allegations surfaced accusing Areum and her boyfriend of engaging in fraudulent activities.

Areum recently attempted to take her own life and was hospitalized. She has now regained consciousness and has apologized to her fans for taking such a drastic decision. 

Disclaimer: If you know someone experiencing suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, or grappling with a serious mental illness, it's crucial to seek help promptly. Reach out to a nearby doctor, mental health professional, or NGO for immediate assistance. Numerous helplines are available for support in these situations.

Similarly, if you or someone you know is facing domestic violence, assault, or abuse, please don't hesitate to seek help. Contact your nearest mental health specialist, NGO, or confide in someone trustworthy. There are numerous helplines dedicated to providing support and assistance in such circumstances.

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