EXCLUSIVE: TVXQ’s Yunho talks acting as CEO for K-drama Race, reveals hilarious drunk scene story

Lee Yeon Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, Moon So Ri, and Jung Yunho, are the leads of the Korean drama ‘Race’ which began airing last week.

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Yunho for Race: courtesy of Disney+
Yunho for Race: courtesy of Disney+
Key Highlight
  • Yunho plays Seo Donghoon in Korean drama 'Race'.
  • The TVXQ member recalls a funny scene where he had to act out a falling down sequence twice.

Race’ is an ongoing K-drama which presents the star case of Lee Yeon Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, Moon So Ri, and Jung Yunho in an office setting. Here, U-Know Yunho of the popular SM Entertainment duo TVXQ takes on the role of a young CEO named Seo Donghoon, who heads a PR agency with an easygoing attitude. ‘Race’, currently airing on Disney+ Hotstar, brings four very distinct characters to the screen as they face a recruitment scandal. The drama first premiered on May 10 and will have 12 episodes.

Jung Yunho on his role in K-drama Race

Talking about choosing the character of Donghoon and the preparation he went through, the 37-year-old K-pop idol turned actor shared his thoughts on a desk job, “While I don’t have an office job, throughout the production of this series, I learned a lot about the importance of communication. The script dealt so much with communication, which I deeply related to, and I was drawn to how people naturally built a strong bond with one another through the character of Park Yoonjo. After reading the script, I was confident that my character Seo Donghoon would play an instrumental role in my life and that’s why I joined the project.”


Race: courtesy of Disney+

Dishing further about the intricacies of his character which is different than the others he has played so far, the singer added, “I play Seo Donghoon, the CEO of the PR agency Earth Communication. Donghoon is open in his way of thinking and is such a warm-hearted character who is always willing to help those around him. Most importantly, Donghoon understands people well, so I focused on capturing that part of the character, while also trying to tap into that side of me.”


What is special about Yunho’s character?

The TVXQ member spoke about his focus while playing the character of a CEO at a PR firm. He shared, “Donghoon is a kind and friendly person, but he also became a CEO at a young age, so I was convinced that he should have a clear set of values as well as a number of strong opinions. I had a lot of conversations with the director about this aspect of his personality, and the subtle emotions that he feels. To accurately capture his characteristics as a CEO, I also spent time observing the executives at my agency.”

Memories of a 'drunk' scene

The K-drama ‘Race’ which has Yunho alongside Lee Yeon Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, and Moon So Ri, presents a formidable bunch caught in the corporate world. So what has been a memorable shot for the singer and actor? 

“In episode eight, my character gets drunk and tumbles down a lawn. We filmed the scene in the summer and then shot another version in the winter. It was freezing when we were filming the scene for the second time. I spent quite a lot of time discussing the fall with the crew and the stunt team and luckily I did it right on the first try. It was a lot of fun.”

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