What Is The Difference Between Grammy Awards And Emmy Awards? EXPLAINED

The Grammy and Emmy awards may share similarities but have distinct differences such as year of performance, history, achievements, and award trophy.

Published on Jan 16, 2024  |  09:14 AM IST |  96.9K
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There are many different award shows which are established in honor of people who work in the field of cinema. All of these awards are given to the people of the cinema industry. That’s why common people sometimes get confused when it comes to the difference between the Grammy Awards and the Emmy Awards. 

These awards look similar, but there are several differences between them. Like the year they are performed, their history, achievements, their award trophy, and many others. Celebrities are honored several times during the year for their contributions in entertainment whether it is making music or acting in films, theater, or television.

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The Grammy Awards (YouTube)

The Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards was originally called the Gramophone Award or just Grammy. It is sponsored by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States to honor those with outstanding achievements in classical music, jazz, country, and other categories. The categories include Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist.

It is an award that represents the talent and success of the artist in the music industry and gives that fame. Winning Grammys can impact the ability of the artist to attract attention and get more deals and better contracts. There are many controversies about the Grammys not working fairly as The Weekend wasn’t nominated for the 64th Grammys award, despite being the #1 hit that year. 


The only two artists to win all four of the above awards are Christopher Cross and Adele. Cross won all four in 1980. Adele won hers in separate years. She won the Best New Artist award in 2009, and the other three in 2012 and 2017. The celebrities with the most gold-plated gilded gramophones are Beyonce won 32, Sir Georg Solti won 31, Quincy Jones won 28, and Alison Krauss with 27. Michael Jackson earned 20 before his death.

The Emmy Awards (IMDb)

The Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards are known as the Emmys. This award was first awarded in 1949 and categorized the television industry. An Emmy Award is given to those who have excelled in the television industry. From the actors to the writers and directors, cinematographers, as well as hairstylists, makeup artists, lighting designers, and more. The major organizations that represent the Emmys are the Academy of Television Arts and Science, the National Academy of Television Arts and Science, and the International Academy of National Arts and Science. The voting is also done by the Academy of Television Arts and Science members. 

The Emmy Award provides a forum to exchange ideas about the television industry. It provides the opportunity to meet different colleagues both professionally and socially. The Emmys also promotes professional development between industry and the community. Although the Emmys have many diverse nominees, it lacks diversity when it comes to winning actors. 

As of 2022, Saturday Night Live has won the most Emmys of all time with a number of 82 wins. Game of Thrones is second on the list with 59 wins followed by Frasier with 37 wins, The Simpsons with 35 wins, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show with 29 wins.

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