Kelly Rizzo Claps Back At Criticism Over Moving On From Late Husband Bob Saget: 'Absolutely No Room For Judgment'

Kelly Rizzo silences critics, defends moving forward after Bob Saget's passing. In a powerful TikTok, she highlights the intricacies of grief and urges empathy.

Published on Mar 12, 2024  |  03:56 PM IST |  86K
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Kelly Rizzo with husband Bob Saget (Getty Images)

Kelly Rizzo is not going to let haters dictate her life.

For those attacking her for moving on with Breckin Meyer two years after her husband Bob Saget passed away, the podcaster had a very apt and very detailed reply on Sunday. In a five-minute video posted on TikTok, Rizzo opened up about how losing a spouse is an individual experience and how it could be different for different people. 

“Unless you are a widow or a widower, you truly have absolutely no place and no right to comment on this, because you do not know what it's like,” Rizzo asserted in her video.

Kelly Rizzo is taking no criticism for moving on from Bob Segat; The Actress and Producer slams haters 

In her March 10 video, Rizzo continued, “You just don't understand the incredibly complex and difficult, and dynamic thoughts and feelings that come up during this entire process.” 

Sharing how widowers experience grief, guilt, and loneliness even months or years after a spouse dies, Rizzo said, “You feel guilty, you feel shamed, you feel horrible, but yet you also feel lonely, and you wanna do it [be with someone].” 

For Rizzo, thankfully, she said she had the “support and love” of Saget’s family, including his daughters Jennifer, 31, Lara, 34, and Aubrey, 36, who encouraged her to start dating again; however, to her, it still felt wrong until a certain point in time. 


“They’re telling you it's ok, but yet you still feel really weird about it. In my situation, it was Bob’s daughters, Bob’s friends. They were saying, ‘It’s ok.’ so I’m like, ‘Okay, it must be ok.’ But you still need to feel okay with it and [have] peace with it in your heart,” Rizzo noted before adding that she "didn't personally get to that point until well after a year after Bob had passed. And then I didn't start dating until 18 months or so after Bob passed.” 

“It's not one size fits all, but there is absolutely no room for judgment. You cannot judge whether you've been through the same thing or not, it is not your place to judge because everyone goes through it differently,” the Eat Travel Rock host stated using the most straightforward language available. 

She concluded the video by saying, “Bob is always gonna be a part of my life.”


When did Kelly Rizzo start dating Breckin Meyer? 

 Kelly Rizzo and Breckin Meyer (Getty Images)

Rizzo and Meyer were confirmed to be dating in early February after they stepped out together, hand in hand, from Steven Tyler’s annual Grammy Awards viewing party. 

“It took a while to get to the point where I’m like, ‘ok, I think he'd be happy with it’” Rizzo told E! News at the party. 

Days later, the two were again spotted hand in hand while out and about in Los Angeles. 

In her Sunday video, Rizzo mentioned Meyer, saying, “I’m very fortunate that I was able to find someone who holds space for that and appreciates it and gets it, and is strong enough and confident enough to know that Bob’s always gonna be a part of my life.” 

Bob Saget, best known for Full House, passed away on January 9, 2022, at age 65, after being found unresponsive in a hotel room. 


“They have concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it, and went to sleep. No drugs or alcohol were involved,” the Saget family told Us Weekly in a statement back then. 

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Why does Kelly Rizzo believe judgment is unwarranted in this situation?
Rizzo believes judgment is unwarranted because the experience of widowhood is highly individual, and unless one has experienced it themselves, they cannot fully understand its complexities.

Did Kelly Rizzo receive support from Bob Saget's family in her decision to move forward?
Yes, Rizzo mentioned in her video that she had the support and love of Saget's family, including his daughters, as she navigated her journey forward.

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