Mammootty’s aura would make ‘entire set go silent’, reveals Bramayugam director Rahul Sadasivan

In a recent interview, Bramayugam director Rahul Sadasivan revealed that the entire set would go silent when Mammootty arrived, due to the legendary actor’s aura.

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Bramayugam director reveals how everyone on set was in awe of Mammootty
Mammootty’s aura would make ‘entire set go silent’, reveals Bramayugam director Rahul Sadasivan

The Mammootty starrer horror flick Bramayugam has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. The black and white film, helmed by Rahul Sadasivan, was released on February 15th, and has garnered exceedingly positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Talking about the film’s production stage, its director Rahul Sadasivan revealed in a recent interview with Manorama Online that the film would not have been made had Mammootty not agreed to play the lead role. He further mentioned that the legendary actor had a very strong aura that would make the entire set go silent as soon as he arrived. However, he added that within seconds it would go back to its jovial state, and said that the set would seem more like they were shooting a comedy film, and not a horror.

Rahul Sadasivan reveals Mammootty was the only one who would improvise

Rahul Sadasivan also addressed the time period in which the film is set in, and the language used in the film, which differs from modern day Malayalam. The uncontemporary dialogues also made it quite a difficult task for actors to improvise.

However, Mammootty was easily able to improvise where necessary due to his extensive experience and his strong grasp over the Malayalam language. In fact, the filmmaker also mentioned that the Kannur Squad actor was actively involved in the writing process, and would often ask questions, and offer his two cents. 

In the same interview, Mammootty’s co-actors, Sidharth Bharathan and Arjun Ashokan talked about their experience in the film as well. The former mentioned that Mammootty would constantly reinvent himself, bringing something new to the table, which also pushed the other actors to do the same. 


Arjun Ashokan opened up about his entire experience and mentioned it was a dream scenario for him. He revealed that he was a member of the Mammootty Fans Association as a high schooler, and to share screen space with him was truly extraordinary. The actors also quipped about the director’s reaction to their cuts, mentioning that when Mammootty completed a shot, Rahul would reply with “brilliant, cut”, but when it came to Arjun Ashokan or Sidharth Bharathan’s takes, the director would reply with an ‘cut, okay’, or a similar haphazard reply.

More about Bramayugam

Bramayugam is a horror thriller flick, which is set in the 17th century. The film revolves around Arjun Ashokan’s character, who stumbles upon Mammootty’s ancestral home, as he runs away from his battle-inflicted village. The character is forced to stay at the ancestral house, and does not have permission to leave. The film also delves into the caste politics and superiority, being set in the 17th century. After a successful run in Malayalam, the film is all set to be released in Telugu on February 23rd.

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