Teasers of BTS' '7 Fates: Chakho' unveiled - Here's what is happening

Last month, HYBE announced that they will be collaborating with their artists such as BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN etc to create several original stories which will be then released in the form of webtoons and web novels in January 2022. After a week of BTS' announcement of their extended vacation, HYBE unveiled the teasers of the upcoming webtoon based on the story of BTS, titled “7 Fates: CHAKHO,” 

“7 Fates: Chakho” is a story of seven men who are bound by fate to rid their community of “monsters.” It is described as an urban fantasy story inspired by the Joseon Dynasty’s tiger-hunting officers called chakhogapsa. It will be set in a city in the near future where these seven boys overcome several hardships and grow together.

During olden times, South Korea used to be home to a huge population of Siberian tigers that would attack communities and strike fear among the powerless residents. To save these people in misery, as a response, King Sejong formed the Chakhogapsa or the tiger hunters, special forces which had extraordinary hunting skills, in 1421. The global K-pop superstars will be portraying the role of these warriors. Now, how exciting is that!

The web novel will be out on 14 January 2022 on Wattpad, and the webtoon will be released on Naver's webtoon portal on January 15, 2022. Do not forget to catch it!

Check out the teaser below!