10 Hilarious Memes to Sum up the NFL Super Bowl 2024 Ft Taylor Swift, Ice Spice and Travis Kelce

Explore the funniest Super Bowl 2024 memes featuring Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, Travis Kelce, and more in this hilarious recap of sports and pop culture fusion.

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Image Credits: Getty
Image credits: Getty

In an electrifying clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl 2024 unfolded with as much drama off the field as on it.

This year's event transcended the boundaries of sport, seeping into the realms of pop culture and meme legend, thanks in part to an eclectic mix of celebrities in attendance.

From Taylor Swift to Ice Spice, and halftime show, the internet was alight with reactions that ranged from hilarious to downright bewildering.

Here’s a roundup of the top memes that captured the internet's imagination.

The heart of the meme frenzy was a photograph capturing a moment between Jason Kelce and Ice Spice, with Taylor Swift looking on in apparent shock.

The image became a canvas for fan creativity, spawning humorous comments.

One standout comment ingeniously played on Ice Spice's lyrics, asking, "so am I the shit or the fart?”—a nod to her recent hit.


Meanwhile, another fan chimed in with, "Ice and Spice, just how I like my margaritas! Ha, I’m Jason,” showcasing the playful banter Jason Kelce is known for.

In another corner of the stadium, Donna Kelce was seen engrossed in her phone.


The internet, ever so creative, imagined her Googling, "what is an ice spice?" painted a picture of a hilariously wholesome confusion amidst the celebrity chaos.

The meme magic didn't stop there.

The video of Travis Kelce pushing coach Andy Reid became the backdrop for a humorous take, as a fan imagined Kelce's plea for the ball with Taylor Swift in attendance: "MY BITCH HERE THROW ME THE FUCKING BALL NIGGA." 

Taylor Swift's repeated screen time during the NFL's coverage led to fans creating a drinking game, with one meme showing the consequences of taking a shot every time she appeared on screen, humorously captioned, "My nigga, it's barely the 3rd."

Swift herself joined in on the fun, chugging a beer when the camera turned to her, a moment immortalized in meme form.

The commentary around Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship, particularly from long-suffering fans, was equally jestful, with one noting the swift (pun intended) success Swifties had in seeing their team win the Super Bowl compared to their lifelong wait.

The halftime show was not spared, with Usher and Alicia Keys' intimate performance sparking jokes about "work husband."

And Usher's hypothetical post-performance interaction with Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys husband, is likened to a Spiderman and Green Goblin showdown.

Moreover, the anticipated appearance of Justin Bieber, which didn't materialize, inspired memes about him being lost at the stadium.

The surprise appearance of Ludacris had fans over 25 losing their minds, captured perfectly in a meme that could resonate with anyone who's had a nostalgia hit.

The Chiefs' remarkable comeback inspired the most outlandish meme of the night—a video of witches flying around, with the caption "Chiefs locker room at halftime," suggesting a supernatural boost to their game.


The Super Bowl 2024 went beyond football, becoming a canvas for the internet's creativity. 

Through humor, fans found a universal language, proving that sometimes, it's the moments between the plays that leave the most lasting impressions.

As the dust settles on Super Bowl 2024, it's clear that the event was more than just a game. 

Which is your fav meme here?

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