Did You Know John Cena Used To Make Nikki Bella Follow 15 Bizarre House Rules When They Were Dating?

Was John Cena authoritative during his relationship with Nikki Bella. Some stories suggest so. So here are 15 unusual bizarre rules Cena made Nikki Bella follow.

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John Cena and Nikki Bella broke up in 2018. Photos: Getty/Instagram, @nikki___.bella

The powerful WWE couple John Cena and Nikki Bella aren't together anymore. Having walked out of their relationship in 2018, the two are now married and settled in their personal lives. The reason for separation was mainly because Cena didn't want to start a family with Nikki. And that's fine. 

But the Cena fans might not know, but the former WWE Champion had imposed restrictions on Nikki Bella, which might blow your mind. Yes, it’s true ! When Nikki Bella moved in with Cena at his house, she was presented with 15 bizarre rules she had to follow. 

Even though now the couple has broken up, those rules still warrant a read.  So here are they:

1. Nikki Bella is regarded as a guest:

Nikki Bella wasn’t Cena’s love partner at his house but was instead a guest. Yes, that’s what she was told. Going by his past with his ladies, Cena made Nikki sign a contract that had a clause, saying that if the couple broke up in the future, Nikki would collect all her belongings, and leave the house.

Cena was even outright clear about it on the Total Divas show where he said that he didn’t want any misunderstanding regarding his partner’s presence. “If I ask you to vacate the home, you agree to immediately vacate the home and remove any items you have brought into the home as soon as possible," he had said.

2. No filming without Cena’s permission: 


Cena had made another condition that there would be no filming of him, and the Total Divas and Total Bellas could only film him when he agreed. This was the reason why many episodes of Total Divas included Brie, Nikki, and Daniel Bryan and not Cena.

3. Nikki was made to calculate her calories: 

John Cena being a fitness freak himself, also made sure that his girlfriend also does it, but as per his orders. Cena was very strict with Nikki’s diet and on one instance even lost his cool on Nikki for exceeding her calorie count in a restaurant.

4. Must dress properly for dinner

Another bizarre rule Cena made for Nikki was getting properly dressed at home during the dinner. Now who does that? John Cena. This was a rule not just for Nikki Bella but for everybody at his house who dined with him. Ever wondered why Daniel Bryan was once seen in a Total Divas show, at Cena’s home in a suit? Well, it was all Cena’s condition that everybody has to be properly dressed during dinner time.


5. No personal photos clicking of Cena

This was another John Cena rule, that nobody should click him in his personal capacity or when he has not given a nod to it. This also once irked Nikki Bella who showed her frustration during the Total Divas show, when Cena didn’t allow her to click personal photos of him.

6. Cena protecting his money from Nikki

This was another clever condition put down by Cena for Nikki, or perhaps the most important clause in the contract. That is when they separate, all of Cena’s assets and money remain with him, and he gets to share nothing with her. For this condition, Cena had given the justification that he was supporting his family and siblings and didn’t want to share his money with Nikki.

John Cena and Nikki Bella at an event. Photo: Getty

7. Use Different Hampers

While it’s ok for partners to share hampers, John Cena wanted Nikki Bella to have her own hamper for clothes, which is something Nikki obviously didn’t like. But then, for the sake of it she agreed for it.


8. No pets in the house

A dog is a man’s best friend, but for John Cena, a dog was a mere nuisance. Once, Nikki Bella had brought a dog home, and it bit Cena. So, when they finally moved in together, Cena made a rule at his house that she couldn’t have any dogs or pets at home. Then, the dog was later given by Nikki to her sister Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan.

9. Keep the house clean always

Cena was very particular about neatness at home, which he wanted all the time. He often had episodes of anger, when Nikki even dropped a smidgen of water on the floor. Even Daniel Bryan had to take off his shoes before entering Cena’s house while shooting the Total Divas show. 

10. Don’t speak ill about WWE

John Cena wasn’t ready to hear anything bad about the company that made him today. But this wasn’t a written rule, but an unwritten one that was to be followed strictly. Both John Cena and Nikki Bella got money and fame from the WWE, and thus Cena didn’t want to hear anything bad about his company.

11. Evening fire outside


This was a bit lighter condition, which was enjoyed by Nikki Bella and other guests. At Cena’s place, the evening fire had to be done in the backyard. And Casual clothing was allowed in this ritual.

12. Everyday morning discussions

Cena made another rule for Nikki Bella and other house guests, which is they would start their day with morning coffee, and evening fire outside. And his instructions were clear, “If you guys are gonna be up late, please text me or tell me. Do you have any questions?”

13. Power of attorney struggle 

This was another clever or in fact vicious condition put down by Cena, which Nikki Bella initially agreed to but it always came in the path of their relationship. John Cena didn’t reveal his power of attorney to Nikki, neither was he willing to have this responsibility for her. He clearly refused to serve as Nikki’s power of attorney, saying it was a responsibility he wasn’t willing to be part of.

14. Sign a 75-page contract with him

John Cena says that he feels bad about making Nikki sign a contract, but he said that he did it so to protect himself “in case of disaster”. “She [signed it], totally without question, and it made me feel super bad, which I should have, but it also made me realize – and this was early on in our relationship – it made me realize ‘this is one young woman I should not let get out of my life,” Cena had said.


15. No kids

This was the biggest reason for their split in 2018. John Cena was never ready to start a family with Nikki Bella and she always wanted it. Nikki was visibly upset about this, and she spoke about it in detail over this. 

She had said that she felt lonely and alone in their relationship, and although she wanted to talk about this to Cena, she didn’t as that might have created tension in their relationship. In the end, this did become a catalyst for their break-up in 2018. 

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