Is Tom Brady Coming Back To NFL? Football GOAT Hints Comeback At 46

Tom Brady hints at an NFL comeback at 46 during a podcast, sparking discussions on his return to NFL. Explore the details of his potential comeback.

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Tom Brady is definitely one of football's most celebrated players, and it stirred the sports world recently when he hinted at a possible return to the NFL. This revelation came during his appearance on the DeepCut with VicBlends podcast, where the seven-time Super Bowl champion discussed his physical readiness and openness to re-enter the league under the right circumstances.

Is Tom Brady coming back to the NFL?

In the podcast, when asked about the potential of returning to the NFL, Brady responded, "I’m not opposed to it." He elaborated on potential scenarios, such as a call from a contending team, especially in the wake of an unforeseen player injury: “Patriots, could be Raiders, could be, you never know.”

"I don’t know if they’re going to let me if I become an owner of an NFL team. But I’m always going to be in good shape, always be able to throw the ball. So, to come in for a little bit, like [Michael Jordan] coming back, I don’t know if they would let me, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it," Brady admitted during the podcast.

This statement came amidst Brady's light-hearted interaction on social media, where he leveraged nostalgia and his competitive spirit. After the New England Patriots posted a throwback photo of Brady from his 2010 MVP season, he playfully suggested on X (formerly Twitter), "50K likes and I’ll unretire grow it back out," blending humor with the hint of a possible comeback.


Tom Brady's career after retirement seemed well-charted, with a lucrative contract with Fox as the network's lead NFL color analyst and discussions around acquiring a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders. The NFL prohibits active players from holding any team ownership, complicating any serious consideration of a return. Yet Brady's fitness and skill readiness, emphasized in his podcast remarks, keep the door open for speculation.

Tom Brady's previous comeback from retirement in 2022 provides a relevant context for his current openness to potentially rejoining the NFL. Initially, Brady announced his retirement after the 2021 season, but his break from the sport lasted merely 40 days. He expressed a desire to spend more time with his family as a significant reason for his initial decision to retire.

However, Brady reversed his decision after realizing he still had the competitive drive and physical capability to continue playing at a high level. In 2022, when Brady decided to return to the NFL, he led the league in both passing yards and touchdowns the previous season, demonstrating that he was still performing at an elite level despite his age. His return was driven by the conviction that he still had "unfinished business" on the field.


What do you think? Will Tom Bardy make a return to the NFL, and if he does, what team will he play for?

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