Johnny Knoxville Hilariously Roasts Sami Zayn On Instagram 2 Years After Their WrestleMania Feud

Check out how Johnny Knoxville roasted Sami Zayn on Instagram rekindling their WrestleMania rivalry.

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Sami Zayn (L) and Johnny Knoxville (R). Photos: Instagram/@johnnyknoxville, @sami zayn

Kayfabe in wrestling means wrestlers being in their characters in public life too. But here we have a prime example of an actor and producer who just had a short appearance in WWE but has been keeping the kayfabe alive. We are talking about Johnny Knoxville.

The Jackass and Bad Grandpa star doesn't seem to be getting over Sami Zayn and his past with him. While the two did have some serious issues 2 years ago, which culminated in them fighting at WrestleMania 38, Knoxville is still after Sami Zayn.

Knoxville continues to play with Zayn even though their story ended 2 years ago. So, at the Netflix Is A Joke show Saturday, Knoxville did try and roast Sami Zayn, who was there with Becky Lynch. 

But he didn’t go there in his regular appearance. He went disguised in a mustache and wearing a blonde wig. He was then on the stage, taking some swipes at Sami Zayn, before he was hilariously taken out by the security.

Knoxville rants on Zayn on Instagram

Just two days after roasting Sami Zayn during a Netflix show, Knoxville brought out his further rant on Instagram on May 14, where he called Zayn a “perennially unlikeable pro wrestler” whose face he smashed a few years ago at WrestleMania 38.


"I heard that low and dirty Sami Zayn was ‘’performing’’ at the Avalon in Hollywood last Saturday night for Netflix is a Joke, so I decided to pay him a little visit. Since most of you reading this will have no idea who Sami Zayn is, he’s a perennially unlikable pro wrestler whose face I smashed in a couple of years ago at WWE Wrestlemania," Knoxville said.


Knoxville also ridiculed Zayn for being the Intercontinental Champion, telling him that Razor Ramon would always be his favorite. He goes, “My favorite Intercontinental Champion will always be Razor Ramon. Sami, I doubt you know who he is since you’ve never heard of a razor you hairy.” 

For the uninitiated, Razor Ramon is a late WWE wrestling legend who started his professional wrestling career in 1984 and signed with WWE (then WWF) in 1992. 

While there is no such personal rivalry amongst them, with both of them hugging on the stage later, Knoxville is just desperate to keep his WWE rivalry with Zayn alive.

What was their WWE rivalry?

Their rivalry in WWE started two years ago, when Knoxville was there to promote the release of Jackass Forever. This angered Zayn, who was incensed by the lack of opportunity for him, and he brought out his frustration with Knoxville.

Things turned sour between them when Knoxville got Zayn eliminated by AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble 2022.  The two then had a match at WrestleMania 38, which was won by Knoxville. The match was a great spectacle to see, with Knoxville using a myriad of crazy weapons, such as the giant hand, his fellow Jackass crew, and even a special appearance by Wee Man to beat Zayn.


That was two years ago, when Sami Zayn was a heel. At present, he is a babyface in WWE and the Intercontinental Champion for the third time. He beat Gunther at WrestleMania 40, ending his streak of 400-plus days to take back the Intercontinental Champion.

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