Julian Edelman Shares How He worked For Tom Brady's Attention Over the Years: 'Lunch With Gisele'

Julian Edelman reveals his strategy to gain Tom Brady's attention, from making himself available leading to sharing lunches with NFL player's ex-wife Gisele, showcasing their evolving friendship.

Published on Apr 07, 2024  |  04:31 PM IST |  111.9K
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Image credits: Getty

Julian Edelman disclosed his unique approach to forging a closer bond with Tom Brady. His method? Making himself "available" to Brady, which culminated in shared lunches with Gisele Bündchen and indulging in avocado ice cream at their house.

Julian Edelam on relationship growth with Tom Brady

Julian Edelman, celebrated for his role in the New England Patriots' success, shared insights into his evolving relationship with Brady. Initially, their interactions were sparse, but as Edelman demonstrated his commitment and reliability, their connection deepened significantly.

Edelman worked hard to get closer to Brady. He said on The Rush with Maxx Crosby podcast, "I made myself available to him. So, like that first year, he hit me up once. The second year, he hit me up once a week. The third year, we were doing it four times a week, and I was having lunch with Gisele and eating avocado ice cream at the house."

This wasn't just about being friends; it was about becoming better at football too. Edelman knew being close to Brady meant learning from the best. Edelman didn't just want to be another player; he wanted to be someone Brady could rely on, on and off the field. Edelman's journey with the team, spanning from 2009 to 2021, is a story of evolution—from a relative unknown to one of the most pivotal figures in the Patriots' dynasty.

His connection with Tom Brady, while not immediate, grew into an exemplary partnership that was instrumental in securing three Super Bowl victories for their team. Edelman's willingness to become, as he put it, a "punching bag" for Brady during practice sessions speaks volumes about his dedication not only to his role but also to the success of the team as a whole.


"That's Julian [Edelman] all the way," noted Matthew Slater, a Patriots teammate. "He followed him around like a puppy dog early in his career and he'd do whatever he could to endear himself to Tom." This dedication paid off, as Edelman became Brady's go-to receiver, especially in critical moments, culminating in Edelman earning the Super Bowl MVP in 2019.

Brady's trust in Edelman was profound, as he himself articulated before a critical AFC Championship Game, describing Edelman as "kind of like my little brother, in a good way."

Despite opportunities to follow Brady after the latter left the Patriots in 2020, Edelman's loyalty to New England never wavered. "He hit me up when he left, and he goes, 'Hey babe, you want me to get you down here?' I was like, no, I’m good man. I’m a one team man," Edelman revealed, expressing his deep-rooted connection to the Patriots and the Boston community.


Edelman's story is a reminder that behind the glamor of the NFL, the heart of the game lies in the genuine connections between players. What do you think?

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