Self-marriage stunt: A flashback to Dennis Rodman's wedding dress moment

Dennis Rodman's self-marriage in a wedding dress was a unique moment in the NBA's history, defying norms and sparking inspiration. Let's take a look back at the same.

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Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

Dennis Rodman stands as one of the NBA's most memorable icons. His ability to dominate rebounds on the court positioned him arguably as the league's finest in that respect. 

However, off-court, he was much more complex, battling various issues from his past while emerging as one of the most vibrant celebrities of the 90s.

Of all the quirky episodes involving Rodman, one stands out—his unconventional attempt to marry himself. At the zenith of the Bulls' dynasty in 1996, Rodman, draped in a wedding dress, made the audacious announcement about his self-union.

Why did Dennis Rodman wear a wedding dress?

In his autobiography, he disclosed his habit of cross-dressing from a young age, given he was mainly raised among women.

Rodman said, "I cannot recall the initial time I chose to cross-dress as an adult...It was rather a gradual progression where I switched from earrings and painted nails to wearing halter tops and tight leather shorts."

He further said, "Now, when I cross-dress, I consider it an avenue to display all facets of Dennis Rodman; I present you the complete package, thus evolving into a multi-faceted individual."

The promotion of his memoir, Bad as I Wanna Be, was where he borrowed the idea to self-marry from Howard Stern, who'd done something similar while promoting his book. 


But Rodman put a unique twist to it, as reported by CNN: "His entire look evoked charm—from his Kevyn Aucoin runway makeup to a group of women dressed in tuxedos, accompanying him from a horse-drawn carriage into a Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue."

The strategy proved successful—massive crowds gathered to spectate, it garnered global news, and the memoir was featured in the New York Times bestseller list for more than four months.

Beyond the media uproar, Rodman is hailed as an early idol who stimulated individuals to freely express themselves without fear of criticism or backlash.

Was Dennis Rodman criticized for his Wedding Dress Stunt?

The wedding dress prank by Dennis Rodman didn't provoke significant criticism, as it was perceived as a promotional gimmick for his memoir, Bad As I Wanna Be.

The media commotion surrounding the event prompted the book to be a New York Times bestseller for over four months.


Notably, many perceived Rodman’s look and demeanor as revolutionary and inspiring; some even dubbed him as a pioneer for gender-fluid fashion.

While some may have deemed the prank controversial or unconventional, it didn’t appear to inflict a considerable negative effect on Rodman’s career or public perception.

In essence, the wedding dress incident is merely one instance of the many ways Dennis Rodman defied boundaries and countered norms in his career.

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