Watch: Detroit Tigers Announcers Get Cringey With Awkward Comments About 21-Year-Old Olivia Dunne on Live TV

Discover how Detroit Tigers announcers caused an awkward moment on live TV discussing Olivia Dunne, leaving viewers cringing at the exchange.

Published on May 31, 2024  |  05:31 PM IST |  42.3K
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Olivia Dunne on gymnastic mat

In a live TV broadcast that left viewers cringing, the Detroit Tigers’ announcing crew got carried away with their commentary about Olivia Dunne. The 21-year-old gymnast and social media sensation, during her boyfriend Paul Skenes’ start on Wednesday, made waves. 

Olivia had recently posted a heartfelt Instagram tribute to Paul, a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, on his 22nd birthday. Ahead of Game 1 of a doubleheader against the Pirates, Bally Sports Detroit aired a graphic comparing the social media followings of the couple, dubbed “Gen Z’s New Power Couple.” Things quickly became awkward when a new Twitter post showcased broadcaster Johnny Kane glancing at his phone during the segment.

Olivia Dunne's awkward moments on Live TV

The awkwardness began when Bally’s in-game reporter Trevor Thompson noticed Kane looking at his phone and jokingly asked, “What’s going on there, man? Are you looking up Livvy Dunne?” Analyst Carlos Pena joined in, laughing and saying, “She just gained one more follower.” Thompson continued the playful ribbing, “You’re gonna follow her on all the socials, Johnny? She’s a pretty good gymnast, a national champion gymnast at LSU.”


The banter didn’t stop there. Kane further added to the awkwardness by asking Thompson if he planned to interview Dunne in the stands. “If I see her, I’m going to try to track her down. See if she’ll come on to Bally Sports with us. Why not, right?” Thompson replied with a smile. 

This exchange left viewers and fans feeling uncomfortable with the level of focus on Dunne rather than the game.


Paul Skenes shines in MLB debut season

Paul Skenes has been making waves since he arrived in the Major Leagues, and his relationship with Olivia Dunne has garnered significant attention, likened to the high-profile pairing of Kelce and Swift. Before his start, Dunne’s tribute to Skenes highlighted their strong bond and her support for his burgeoning career. Skenes has been impressive on the mound, and during Wednesday’s doubleheader in Detroit, he showcased his talents with a 10-2 win and nine strikeouts. On his 22nd birthday, he notched his second MLB victory, bringing his ERA to 2.25 with 21 strikeouts over 16 innings since his mid-May debut.

Meanwhile, as the MLB season progresses, the cute couple continues to capture the public’s interest with their respective careers and shared moments

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