What is NFL Star Aaron Rodgers’ Religion? Exploring 4-time NFL MVP’s Spiritual Belief

Get an insight into NFL star Aaron Rodgers’ Religion and his thoughts on the existence of God. What does the former Packers Quarterback have in his mind? Read more details below.

Published on May 15, 2024  |  07:43 PM IST |  85.3K
Image Courtesy: Getty
Image Courtesy: Getty

The New York Jets quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, one of the NFL greats, joined the Jets after representing the Green Bay Packers for 18 seasons. Rodgers won the NFL MVP Award four times and got his hands on the Super Bowl once. 

Rodgers never shies away from saying whatever comes to his mind. His statements have landed him in some controversies but the player hasn’t changed his way of living. Earlier this year, he gave two interviews about his faith in Christianity and God. 

Aaron Rodgers’ Religion

Rodgers grew up in a Catholic family and was forced to attend religious activities by his parents. He visited the church frequently and joined their organization for youth, YoungLife, too. His beliefs continued to fade with time as religion left him confused.

As per his recent interviews, Rodgers believes that there is a greater power above everything controlling and keeping everything together. However, the Super Bowl XLV champion doesn’t believe in any religion. He follows some spiritual ideas and practices like meditation.

Rodgers’ Thoughts on God

Rodgers made an appearance on Danica Patrick’s podcast and commented on God’s existence. He criticized the theists for believing in a god who wants to condemn most of the planet. He questioned God for wasting the planet to a fiery hell at the end. 


The NFLPro Bowler had revealed that his parents relied on God to take them through their rough times. His family felt that Rodgers’ words were a slap on their face.

Aaron Rodgers showed up again to talk about the need for Jesus on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. He emphasized that people will feel the need for a divine structure soon and that would come from religion. He urged Jesus to come back right now because Rodgers thought that it was the best time for him to do so.

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