Why Did Darnell Nurse Walk Out of His Pre-Game Interview? Find Out What Prompted His Surprising Exit!

Here’s why Darnell Nurse walked out of the pre-game interview ahead of the clash between the Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars.

Nandini Rikhee
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Published on May 31, 2024 | 02:29 AM IST | 48.5K
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Here’s why Darnell Nurse walked out of the pre-game interview ahead of the clash between the Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars.

Before the highly anticipated clash between the Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars yesterday, the former’s players came out to speak with the media after conducting the morning training skate ahead of the clash. 

Connor McDavid, Stuart Skinner, Philip Broberg, and Darnell Nurse, all came out and spoke to the press ahead of the pre-match press meet. However, what caught everyone’s eyes was the responses given by Nurse, which were brief in a very comic way before he decided to walk out of the press scrum. 

Darnell Nurse walks out of interview

The conversation started with Nurse being asked about what Broberg (his fellow teammate) could bring to the table if given a chance to play. Keeping it short, Nurse replied, “really good player. He's ready."

This was followed by a smirk on his face as he looked around the room. A follow-up question was asked to him asking if he had faith and confidence in Broberg and before the question was even complete, Nurse decided to barge in with a response as he said, “Oh 100%. Really good player.”

He was then asked how can Broberg contribute to the team and performance with his game and play. Nurse again chose to give a brief comic reply as he said, “[he]can skate, physical, can make plays.”

On being asked what was the team’s strength and what were they good about, the Oilers’ player replied smartly with a straight and short answer, “We are good with our back against the wall.”


Finally, he was asked the final question which was about what could help the team beat Dallas and how could they be pushed behind when they looked at making the game end in a draw. He replied, “Playing hard.”

He then decided to walk out of the scrum after his final statement which was, “Thanks guys, have a good day.”

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