Man Inks Girlfriend's Name on His Lower Lip in THIS Viral Video, Leaves Internet Stunned

Tattoo artist Abhishek Sapkal published a video on Instagram showing a man tattooing his girlfriend's name on his lower lip, which has gone viral.

Published on Feb 28, 2024  |  11:48 AM IST |  25.9K
(Image Courtesy: Twitter)
Image courtesy: Twitter
Key Highlight
  • Man gets his girlfriend's name tattooed inside his lower lip

People frequently make one-of-a-kind and lavish gestures to express their feelings for their spouse or partner. One such way of expressing love is by tattooing the name of a loved one on the body to show their immortal affection for them. However, a recent instance involving a man has left the internet shocked. The man drew the attention of the internet by tattooing his girlfriend's name on his lower lip.

Tattoo artist Abhishek Sapkal released the video on Instagram in December of last year, and it has since gone viral on the internet. The video shows a tattoo artist engraving the name 'Amruta' onto a man's lower lip. He then begins the tattooing process and shows his viewers the finished result. The account captioned the video, "Love."

The video elicited amusing reactions from online users. It has received 9 million views and a variety of comments. Many users described the man as "crazy," while others made fun of the incident.

Love, in all its forms, has always sought expression through physical objects and gestures. In the age of social media, these acts of love have taken on a new dimension, heightened by the possibility of viral popularity and public scrutiny. The stories of 'Amruta' and 'Kevin' tattooed on flesh, whether sincere or ironic, highlight a greater societal interest and anxiety about permanent confessions of love.

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