What is App Clip? Instagram reportedly testing new iOS feature to let users watch reels without app download

Explore the latest innovation in iOS technology App Clip! Instagram is reportedly testing a groundbreaking feature that allows users to watch reels without the need to download the app.

Published on Feb 20, 2024  |  07:19 PM IST |  60.2K
(Image Courtesy: Twitter)
Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Michael N. Nguyen
Key Highlight
  • Instagram is at the forefront of innovation with its testing of a new feature on iOS
  • This exciting development enables users to enjoy Instagram Reels without downloading the full app

Instagram, one of the world's most popular social media platforms, is constantly at the cutting edge of innovation. Instagram is reportedly testing a revolutionary feature on iOS devices that could change the way users interact with its content. This feature takes advantage of Apple's App Clips functionality, which was introduced with the iOS 14 update in 2021, to allow users to watch Instagram Reels directly within the native iOS interface, eliminating the need to download the full Instagram app, as per Gadgets 360. 

What is App Clip? 

App Clips are essentially bite-sized previews of full applications, intended to give users quick access to specific features or functionalities. These miniature versions of apps can be triggered using a variety of methods, including NFC tags, QR codes, and shared links. App Clips allow users to perform tasks or access content without downloading and installing the entire app. 

According to 9to5Mac, Instagram is currently testing this feature in its app version 319.0.2, which is available to beta testers through TestFlight. The App Clip for Instagram allows iOS users to view Reels, Instagram's short-form video content, directly from the native iOS interface. This means that users who receive a link for an Instagram Reel via iMessage can watch it without having to create an Instagram account or download the entire app. 


Enhancing user experience and engagement 

The introduction of App Clips for Instagram Reels aims to improve the user experience and increase engagement with the platform's content. Instagram removes barriers to entry by making it easy for non-users to access and enjoy Reels, potentially attracting new users to the platform. The App Clip experience is similar to that of using the Instagram app, allowing users to watch Reels, explore more content, and share videos with others. 

Apple says App Clips are "a small part of your app that's discoverable at the moment it's needed and lets people complete a quick task from your app — even before installing your full app." While App Clips were originally intended for making payments or renting bikes, Instagram's use case shows their versatility in content consumption. App Clips allows users to access essential features or content without downloading and installing the full application. 

When users encounter an App Clip, they can easily open it with a tap, launching a streamlined experience focused on the task at hand. This means that Instagram Reels users can watch videos, explore trending content, and engage with the platform without having to download the full app. The seamless transition from App Clip to full app download ensures that interested users can continue to engage with the platform uninterrupted. 

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Know more about App Clip:

What is an App Clip?
An App Clip is a lightweight version of a mobile application that allows users to access specific features without downloading the full app.

Can App Clips be used on any device?
App Clips are currently available exclusively on iOS devices running iOS 14 or later.

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