Rubina Dilaik on her first TV show Choti Bahu: For nine months, I pleaded for my money

Famous television actress Rubina Dilaik made her debut with the show Choti Bahu and received a lot of fame post that. The actress is now working in the series Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. Recently, she opened up about the struggle to get paid for their hard work.
news & gossip Rubina Dilaik on her first TV show Choti Bahu: For nine months, I pleaded for my money
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We hear this news a lot of times about television actors not being paid according to the hard work they do and the time they invest for a particular show. At the end, they struggle a lot and spend their savings. TV star Rubina Dilaik, who appears in Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, went through the same pain. She made her acting debut on television with the famous serial Choti Bahu.
Rubina revealed, “Well, this trend was set long before I got into the industry, and I had to comply because I was fresh off the boat. Later, with understanding of the work ethics and legal knowledge, I realised that almost 90% of the actors, including me, sign one-sided contracts, favouring the production house." She is not at all happy being paid late as the actress said,  “Working for over 12 hours, 30 days a month and being paid after 90 days, and in many cases even more than that, isn’t only unethical but is against working laws.”
For her first TV show, Rubina worked for approximately 20 hours a day. She said, “I even played double roles in harsh conditions, yet I wasn’t paid my dues for the last three months, which were in lakhs.” The actress further added, “For nine months, I pleaded for my money, went to the actors association for help, but no one cared or helped apart from [making] big fancy promises. I had to sell off my house and property because I couldn’t pay off my EMIs. After crying my heart out, the production house finally called me up for negotiation."

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