Friday Flashback: "Wouldn't marry Anil Kapoor, he is hypersensitive": Madhuri's 1989 Interview is entertaining!

Once upon a time, Madhuri Dixit ruled the roost for many years in Bollywood. The evergreen beauty of Bollywood has always carried herself with dignity and grace. In this 1989 interview to magazine Movie, Madhuri touches upon many topics including Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and the filthy washrooms used during outdoor shoots! Read On...

On why cinema was still not considered art 

People may praise painters but how many painters can they name? At the most a few like MF Hussain. While any child of 5 will have heard of Madhuri Dixit. I may have studied only uptil the 12th standard but intelligence is more than just books. In my opinion actresses like Shabana and Dimple are more well-read than any society butterball. 

On size zero 

People called me Madhuri Jinx once, but never personally. What strikes me is that people would comment on my thinness. But now the same people come and congratulate me on being so slim! 'How do you remain so slender?' they say.

On link ups

No, I don't have men for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If actresses are supposed to have loose morals, its because 30-40 years ago they largely came from not so good families. Now, well-educated, decent girls do become heroines. I guess the stigma still sticks.

On alleged affair with Anil Kapoor

No! I wouldn't marry someone like him. For one thing, he is too hypersensitive, I would like my husband to be cool. As for Anil, I have done so many films with him, so I am comfortable with him. I can even joke with him about our supposed affair. 

On exploitation

It is not only in this industry but every where people are always on the prowl, waiting to exploit you unless you keep on your toes. I don't blame anybody for those scenes. I was new and did not know anything about camera angles. Now I know the rules of the game and draw a strict line. 

On alleged rivalry with Sridevi

This whole trumped up rivalry with Sridevi is most unfair. The whole thing was one big Tamasha undulged in by the press right from the word go. Without my having any say in the matter they decided that I was the No.1 and Sridevi was out. I kept insisting that Sridevi had been around for so many, many more years and had some so many many more films. But my voice was drowned in this chorus. Then Chandni and Chalbaaz came along and the same people decided that Sri was No.1 and I was No.2. I don't understand this need to slot us into numbers. 

On filthy washrooms

One thing I am really peeved by are the studio loos. Would you believe that on outdoors we have to go behind the bushes sometimes or put up with filthy loos? And the studio looks are hardly less dirty. You don't have to ask your way. You just have to follow your nose. 

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Credits: tanqeed.comMovie Magazine

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Very blunt answers, she would be embarrassed reading this today . LOL. IDK why she would talk about marrying Anil Kapoor when at that time he was already married with kids . Back then even top heroines had to use stinky loos, now they have fancy trailers and are so pampered .

Most dignified actress ever

Sonam was born in 1985. This interview is from 1989. And she is talking about marrying anil kapoor? Thats like kangana talking about marrying hrithik before his divorce.

Omg! If Madhuri had married Anil then Madhuri-Sridevi rivalry would have continued at their home also!! Lol

Her answer should be that I cant Marry Anil because He is MARRIED. LOL

of course, anil is a known skirt chaser in the film industry. Doesnt even spare makeup everyone else ...

Wow, she sounds so different. I had no idea there were rumors about her and Anil Kapoor because she worked with him till 2000. If there was a "steamy" affair back in the day, you would think that his wife would have stopped him from working with her? It has to be false.

False becoz u say so???

Such a dedicated, graceful, talented and versatile actress. So respected and admired by her then costars and even the new generation. She was a gift to Bollywood. She really need to consider acting again!!!!!!!!!

She would have been a rage even in today's scenario of bollywood actress she still looks hot, she should consider doing some bold roles like ash did in ae dil not to become mom-zoned...

This cunning madhuri always had her fun with sanjay and anil and then ran away when they were not hot. Opportunist she was.

Great interview. It might be my ignorance, but it always surprises when print interviews of previous generation of actors/actresses have them speaking such good English, when they're video interviews shows the complete opposite...

Undoubtly one of best actress..But I still feel she still need that one role that can be called lifetime role..Sadly in number of hits,there is not that much that kind of Hema's Seeta Aur Geeta,_Rekha's Umrao Jaan,Sridevi's Chandni,Chaalbaaz,Meenakshi's Damini or Manisha's Khamoshi etc

I guess in a way it is Madhuri's HAHK (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun)


Hum aapke hai kaun?

People point fingers at Kangana, Priyanka for going after married men, but nobody points finger at Madhuri..

She was also the tantrum queen of the 90's.

No one like her ! There is Madhuri and then there are the comparison..class, work ethics, personal choices..look at the

The most AWESOME actress ever ! She has talent, class,knowledge, solid family support, and she has made very intelligent personal choices !!

Never found her to be a great actress but she was definitely a great dancer and had great screen presence. Everyone knows she had an affair with AK and her affair with Sanjay started during his wife's (Richa's) fight with cancer and stopped only when Sanjay's legal battles started. I loved her in Devdas though.

Deepika-Katrina are today's sri Devi madhuri!

See what heroines were like before? Madhuri, Raveena etc. So brazen and honest. Now we have the politically correct brigade that hug and kiss one another but plant PR stories the next morning. Keep it real guys. Your not fooling anyone.

she is such an amazing lady

This interview is so different to how madhuri is now she seems more mature and politically correct now . And as for that Rani account please ignore it she is not a Rani fan and a Rani hater in disguise

she has to be. she was young and new at that time. time changes a person's outlook on so many levels. as to trolls like the account you mentioned, it only goes to show how much madhuri still make these die hard fans of other actresses feel insecure

Affairs with Anil and Sanjay Dutt...wonder why actresses fall for married men?

Madhuri was such an overrated actress!!

OH...the frustrated employee is here...say hi to your boss Rani...I miss her so much...

Her and AK had a steamy love affair for YEARS, its common knowledge.

Heyyy..what interseting gossips u r talking always in search of such stuff... plz enlighten us..

OMG..Cmon now...isn't it evident that they "did" each other at some point. A little birdie told me some interesting stuff...anyway...gorgeous chemistry..they so deserve each other.

Generally speaking, even I dont like hyper sensitive men.

I am not a crazy fan but I admire this woman for her being assertive and self assured right from the time she started her career. More than her beauty and dancing, I love her work ethics, professionalism and always balancing things perfectly.

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