15 Jenna Ortega Hairstyles for a Bold And Edgy Hair Makeover

From waves to daring bangs—check out the amazing Jenna Ortega hairstyles to tweak your appearance. With our guide, a fabulous hair makeover is waiting for you.

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Jenna Ortega Hairstyles
Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

Jenna Marie Ortega, a young American actress and model, is taking the fashion world by storm. At such a young age of 20, Ortega is always up to experimenting with her locks and has been giving major styling inspiration, especially after the success of her web series Wednesday. Embarking on a bold and edgy hair transformation is a thrilling journey, and who better to draw inspiration from than the chic Jenna Ortega? Thanks to her daring hairstyles and colorful choices, Ortega has become an icon in the world of hairstyling. Whether you're seeking a dramatic change or simply looking to infuse some fresh energy into your locks, these Jenna Ortega hairstyles are sure to ignite your inner trendsetter. This sweetheart of horror movies loves to try a diverse range of cuts, colors, and textures; thus, here we bring you some of her best looks and hair moments that will assist you in getting a daring hair makeover that's bound to turn heads.

Explore 15 Jenna Ortega Hairstyles to Change Your Style

1. Sweet Pony

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

This Jenna Ortega straight hair look is known for its simplicity and elegance. In 2018, Ortega started trying out fancy braids and wavy hair twists. You can keep the hair sleek and smooth without any loose strands for a formal event, whereas for an informal occasion, you can opt for embellishments for a glam-worthy effect. It can be worn high or low, with variations like a high ponytail, low ponytail, or side ponytail. Adding accessories like ribbons, scrunchies, or hairpins can further enhance the visual appeal of this bold hairstyle.

2. Up-top Bun

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

This kind of hairstyle is suitable for any occasion. Just take care of the accessories and the type of event you are heading to, giving it a fancy and upbeat event. In 2020, Jenna Ortega chose a big ballerina bun hairstyle, making it stand out even more by adding shiny silver chains. For a nighttime event, you can also opt for fancy hairpins and sequin attire. It can be sleek and polished or have a more relaxed, messy appearance, depending on personal preference. It can easily add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.


3. Low Bun And Tendrils

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

Here is a stylish twist to your otherwise dull and neat bun. You only need to leave a few loose strands or flicks open to frame your face gracefully. It's like having a tidy bun with a touch of natural, flowing charm. This hairstyle combines the elegance of a bun with a hint of relaxed, feminine allure. It's an ideal hairstyle for those dinner dates when dressed in a chic black outfit.

4. Grown-out Tousled

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

Jenna Ortega once walked up the red carpet sporting a slightly longer, shaggy lob haircut with medium to longer hair length. She maintained her trademark bangs and added longer strands around her face that added just the right touch of texture to her look. It's a hairstyle where your hair looks a bit wild and wavy but in a very stylish way. It's perfect when you want to look relaxed yet fabulous, like you've just stepped off a fashion magazine cover.

5. The Wednesday Pigtails

Who can resist falling for the iconic raven-black braids hairstyle and bangs of Wednesday Addams? Well, we are a true fan of this hairstyle. It's a quirky and unique style that can be complemented with dramatic eyebrows and winged eyeliner for an edgy nighttime event. These pigtails can be neat or messy for that extra cool factor. This style will take your styling quotient to the next level. So, if you want a fun and fun hairstyle, "The Wednesday Pigtails" is the way to go!

6. Wednesday Bangs

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Wednesday Bangs are thick bangs that instantly frames the face. They have a bold, straight cut above the eyebrows, giving a profound and intriguing look. These bangs add a touch of dark and enchanting charm to any look. From converting it into a quiff to leaving it to flow freely, there are many ways to style Wednesday bangs to uplift your face. So, if you want to add a dash of Wednesday's captivating vibe to your look, these bangs are just it.

7. Jenna Ortega Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs 

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

Trying out a new hairstyle trend has become Jenna’s signature look. For this style, the actress has combined her longer hair with stylish curtain bangs right in vogue. These bangs are long and sleek, gently resting on her eyebrows. But here's the magic: the rest of her hair flows down, long and lovely, creating a captivating contrast. This kind of curly hairstyle is sure to turn heads and make a fashion statement.

8. Jenna Ortega Shag Haircut

This wild and fashionable haircut can amp up your whole look in just a few minutes. It's like a cascade of playful waves and choppy layers that gives her a carefree yet stylish appearance. If you have thin hair, twist this cut to add a hint of volume and bounce. Jenna's shag haircut is a perfect choice if you want to combine a touch of wild texture with a lot of style in your manes.

9. Jenna Ortega Fancy Fringe

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

Fringes not only look chic and sophisticated, but they are also trendy these days. It can give your face a rejuvenated and fresh feel while completely changing your look. Such a haircut is vital to provide a polished structure to your forehead. Complement a fancy headband or high bun, leaving your fringes open for a gorgeously stunning style.


10. Twisted Shaggy Wolf Haircut

This hairdo features layers of varying lengths, creating a messy and textured appearance. The shaggy wolf haircut is known for its edgy and adventurous style, with a slightly tousled and carefree vibe. This hairstyle is about embracing a bold and voluminous look with a touch of wild charm, making it perfect for those who want a bold and daring hairstyle.

11. Dutch Braids

This is one of the Wednesday hairstyles that is very iconic and trendy. For this stylish hairstyle, you must weave three sections of hair together, just like traditional braids. However, what makes them unique is that instead of crossing the strands over each other, you cross them under. This gives the braids a cool appearance, making them look like they're popping out of your head. This is your oh-so-sorted option for the bad hair days.

12. 60’s Flip

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

With captivating mod-style eyes and a chic bob featuring a '60s-inspired flip, Ortega appeared stunning with this beautiful hairstyle. This vintage-inspired hairstyle is about adding a playful and flirty flip to your hair. Imagine your hair turning upward or outward at the ends, creating a fun and lively bounce. This Jenna Ortega haircut adds a touch of retro glamour to your appearance.


13. High Ponytail with Side-swept Flicks

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

For all those Barbie lovers out there, this hairstyle is just perfect for you. To achieve this look, the hair is gathered and secured into a ponytail but is further twisted with side-swept flicks or strands of hair. This style gracefully frames the face, adding a sense of movement and flair. This hairstyle balances a polished, formal look with the high ponytail and a hint of whimsy with the flicks. It's a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down for various occasions, from red-carpet events to casual gatherings.

14. Two-tone Hair

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

Jenna has experimented with bold two-tone hair, dying one half of her hair with a striking color like electric blue or vibrant pink while leaving the other half in a contrasting or natural shade. This edgy and asymmetrical hair color look makes a strong style statement. You can also try a wet hair look that is finely slicked back for a nighttime event. 

15. Crimped Waves

Jenna Ortega Hairstyles

Crimped waves are rare, but with this captivating hairstyle Jenna has embraced, you will surely fall for a crimped, messy look. Instead of a traditional straight hairstyle for wavy hair, she has added texture and volume to her locks by crimping them. This aids in creating a visually intriguing and unconventional appearance.


Styling and creativity know no bounds regarding Jenna Ortega's diverse and daring hairstyles. From edgy cuts to vibrant colors, she has repeatedly proven that the world of hair fashion is extensive and yet to be explored. For a bold and edgy transformation, experiment with the aforementioned Jenna Ortega hairstyles and embrace a trendy switch-up. Whether it's a warm brown makeover or experimenting with dark fringes and bangs, Jenna's remarkable hair journey offers something for everyone. Go ahead, be bold, be edgy, and don’t hesitate to play up with these audacious looks and styles.

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What is a wolf cut haircut?
A wolf cut haircut combines layer, fuzzy, and choppy elements. It typically features shorter layers at the crown of the head and longer, textured layers towards the ends. This haircut has gained popularity for its edgy and trendy appearance.

Does Jenna Ortega have a cowlick?
Yes, Jenna Ortega has a noticeable cowlick on her forehead.

How to get Jenna Ortega's haircut?
To get a Jenna Ortega-inspired haircut, it's best to consult with a professional hairstylist. Discuss your hair type and preferences and customize the haircut according to your facial features.

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