Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 Spoilers Out: The Order Fails To Capture The Group As Hana’s Cake Is Ruined; DEETS

A birthday cake quest has now turned into a showdown against the Order members. To find out what happens next, here are all the Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers we have.

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Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus
Sakamoto Days [Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus]

Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Shin had set out to get a birthday cake for Hana Sakamoto, only to find themselves in a tense stand-off with Oki, Osaragi, Shishiba, and the new Order members. With Torres so obviously noticing something odd about the group, fans have been fervently awaiting Chapter 170 for more.

Luckily for those unable to wait for the official release, the Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers were recently released online. Here’s everything we know about what happens next.

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Sakamoto Days [Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus]

Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers

According to the Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers out online, the upcoming chapter will be titled Cake. The chapter picks up where the last chapter left off as Torres continues to stare intently at the disguised Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Shin. As they walk by, Oki notices Torres' distraction and asks him what's wrong.

Shin feels a surge of anxiety, thinking they might have been discovered, but Sakamoto quietly reassures him to keep moving and not to stop. Oki, eyeing the group, comments that he recognizes Aoi Sakamoto, Sakamoto's wife, from the documents. He then asks ‘Aoi’ about Sakamoto’s whereabouts.

Staying in character, Sakamoto denies knowing where he is, which makes Torres suggest kidnapping ‘Aoi’ to draw him out. Oki firmly rejects Torres' suggestion in the Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers, reminding him of the new regulations prohibiting intentional harm to the general public under any circumstances.


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Sakamoto Days [Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus]

Torres dismisses the regulations as trivial, saying that kidnapping a couple of ordinary people wouldn't matter. Sakamoto's anger flares at Torres' callousness, and Shin tries to calm him down. As he does so, Shin's disguise fails, and all the Order members immediately notice. Torres appears right behind Shin as he recognizes him instantly.

Nagumo quickly intervenes, kneeing Torres in the face, and grins as he tells Shin and Sakamoto to flee. Sakamoto grabs Shin, and they start running in the Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers. Kamihate asks Oki if he should take a shot, but Oki advises against it, noting the numerous obstacles and suggesting they leave it to Tanabata.

Tanabata begins to play his guitar, launching a G-sharp note that travels underground through the sewers toward the fleeing trio. The sound bursts through a manhole where above, catching them off guard and sending them flying. Sakamoto lands on his feet, bewildered by the nature of the attack.


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Sakamoto Days [Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus]

He quickly realizes that the sound isn't from a bomb. Before he can fully recover, another attack from Tanabata strikes him in the arm with an aux cable. When Tanabata plays his guitar, music reverberates violently into Sakamoto’s head, disorienting him. Tanabata then mentions how he feels the pressure of creating new music in the Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers.

He also comments that moments like these are refreshing. Osaragi and Kamihate then appear in the air behind Sakamoto, preparing to attack. Shin jumps in front of them, shouting for them to stop. His ability surprises both Osaragi and Kamihate as they fall to the ground on top of each other. This gives Sakamoto and his group a chance to escape.

Torres questions whether he should pursue them, but Oki cautions against it, warning that unplanned battles can lead to accidents. Shishiba has remained silent the entire time, contemplating the situation in the Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers. After narrowly escaping, Sakamoto thanks Shin for saving him, talking about how close he came to dying on Hana's birthday. 


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Sakamoto asks Shin about the mysterious power he used to halt the attackers. Shin, puzzled, suggests it might have been telepathy. Nagumo then asks Shin if he is okay, implying that using telepathy might come at a great cost. Nagumo jokes that it could shorten his lifespan, a somewhat worrisome idea in their situation.

The Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers then show Sakamoto opening the box they were carrying, only to find that the cake they bought for Hana's birthday had been destroyed. Sakamoto and Nagumo later sit on a rooftop across from the store, with Sakamoto crying over the ruined cake.

Nagumo asks what their next move should be, considering the inevitable future attacks from the Order. Sakamoto, thinking about his actions and the danger he's brought to his family, wonders if he should leave to protect those he loves. The Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 spoilers conclude as he expresses his concern, feeling like he doesn’t belong.

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*The spoilers provided here are not official and should be taken with caution. Fans are advised to wait for the official release for canonical content


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