IU's single Love wins all starring BTS' V enters into top 10 all-time for most hourly Perfect All Kills

IU’s Love wins all starring BTS’ V in the music video has broken into the top 10 all-time for most hourly perfect all kills or PAKs. Read on to know more.

Updated on Feb 06, 2024  |  11:46 AM IST |  107.3K
Love wins all (Image Credits- EDAM Entertainment)
Love wins all (Image Credits- EDAM Entertainment)
Key Highlight
  • IU's Love wins all entered into top 10 all-time for most hourly perfect all kills
  • The song has been making waves post-release

IU's latest chart-topping single, Love wins all ll, has joined the elite league of songs with the most hourly Perfect All-Kills (PAKs), securing a spot in the top 10. Released on January 24, this pre-release ballad garnered significant attention, especially with BTS' V starring in it.

Love wins all enters into top 10 with most hourly PAKs

IU's digital single, Love wins all, has entered the prestigious top 10 list of songs with the most hourly Perfect All-Kills (PAKs), an impressive feat. Currently, the track has amassed a remarkable 187 hours of PAK status, with the count still rising. This achievement underscores the song's immense popularity, as a PAK is earned when a song consistently tops the daily and real-time charts of major South Korean music streaming platforms, including Melon, Genie, Bugs, FLO, VIBE, and YouTube Music.

Furthermore, to achieve a Perfect All-Kill (PAK), the song must also concurrently hold the top spot on both the real-time and weekly charts on Instiz's iChart, solidifying its dominance across all major music rankings in South Korea. Love wins all is closing in on the 9th spot for the most hourly Perfect All-Kills (PAKs), currently held by SSAK3's Beach Again with 208 hours. This achievement would mark another milestone in IU's illustrious career. IU currently boasts an impressive record with 22 songs achieving a PAK, by far the most in history. In second place is BIGBANG with 7 songs, while BTS, TWICE, and IVE are tied for third place, with each group having 4 songs achieving a PAK.


Here are top 10 songs with most hourly PAKs of all-time

  1. NewJeans - Ditto - 655 hours (2023)
  2. BTS - Dynamite - 610 hours (2020)
  3. IU - Celebrity - 462 hours (2021)
  4. IVE - I AM - 359 hours (2023)
  5. Zico - Any Song - 330 hours (2020)
  6. Brave Girls - Rollin’ - 262 hours (2017)
  7. BTS - Butter - 239 hours (2021)
  8. IU - Lilac - 223 hours (2021)
  9. SSAK3 - Beach Again - 208 hours (2020)
  10. IU - Love Wins All - 187 hours (and counting) (2024)


More achievements of Love wins all

IU's Love wins all has officially become the first song of 2024 to achieve a Perfect All-Kill on the Korean music charts. On January 29th at 12:30 AM KST, Instiz's iChart announced that IU's pre-release single had attained a Perfect All-Kill status, marking it as the first song of the year to accomplish this feat. 

The song's global appeal is unmistakable, evident in its position at the top spot on YouTube's worldwide trends. This showcases the immense love and appreciation for the performances of both IU and BTS' V.Their collaborative effort in Love wins all has not only produced a musical masterpiece but has also set new benchmarks for their respective achievements on the global stage.

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