Ranveer Singh being considered instead of Shah Rukh Khan for Don 3? Zoya Akhtar clears the air

The Gully Boy director, Zoya Akhtar, was quizzed at a press event today on whether she was collaborating with Ranveer Singh for Don 3.
News,shah rukh khan,Ranveer Singh,Zoya AkhtarZoya Akhtar and Ranveer Singh along with Alia Bhatt created a storm at the box office with Gully Boy.
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News of King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan opting out of Don 3 and Ranveer Singh stepping into his shoes set the Internet buzzing a few days ago. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, “Khan has opted out of Don 3 for personal reasons and the Zoya Akhtar production franchise is still in the works, but with Khan bowing out, she is left without the main lead. We hear she has approached her favorite actor Ranveer Singh for Khan’s spot and the two are still in talks.”  

However, the Gully Boy director was quizzed at a press event today on whether she was collaborating with Ranveer Singh for Don 3. Here's what Zoya had to say: "No, no. That’s absolute nonsense." 

Zoya was also asked about the status of Don 3, to which she replied, “Na toh main Farhan Akhtar hoon, nahi main Shah Rukh Khan ya Ritesh Sidhwani hoon (Neither am I Farhan Akhtar, nor am I Shah Rukh Khan or Ritesh Sidhwani).” Earlier, it was reported that Don 3 was to go on floors by mid 2019 and the makers were on the lookout for a female lead, but with SRK walking out of Don 3, the hunt for the main lead starts again.

Not just Don 3, SRK also walked out of the Rakesh Sharma biopic after his film 'Zero' tanked massively at the box office. Which actor do you think will be ideal to play Don 3? Let us know in the comments below.  


Akshay kumar is the only option class actor would smash Don 3

Ranveer singh mayb and good choice Varun and also mayb Vicky kaushal. but I still SRK the best

Srk will do Don 3. In sha Allah. Ranveer should try and work with Slb that suits him best. Only time hes looked a hero is in slb movies. shahrukh khan will be in don 3. But no actress matches the presence of shahrukh. They should find a new face a real HEROINE. That'll be interesting.

To some comments commenting on srk's last few flops. I am no fan of srk, but ask ranveer to have a career of 25 years like him with that sort of love then talk.

Ranveer isnt even loved like that now.

I don’t think Don3 should be made. Don1 was ok, while Don2 was Farhan’s worst directorial work. Also, SRK really really really needs to reinvent himself. He can’t afford 4 flops in a row. Don’t think Ranveer has SRK’s number yet - but he is almost on his way to be Bollywood’s next superstar.

Don 3 is the only last ray of hope for SRK.

How much does Ranveer pay for his dirt bag PR?

Despo Ranveer. Good that Zoya put an end to his shameless PR

Varun daran

Varoun nawan better man

Siddhartha may be a good choice for essaying the role of Don in DON3.
Honestly don series are not well directed movies.
There should be no LOVE angle in this kinda film.
Bollywood needs to get over the lovy dowy bs.

If it’s any franchise film for Ranveer it better be Dhoom 5. No one wants outdated Don.

Ranveer has no time to do flop khan’s left overs.


Only SRK, Runveer is overacting and can not fill SRK shoes

Ranveer’s PR is desperate and funny.

No one can replace SRK.

Thank god. Neither Ranveer’s fans want him to do Don kind of films.

His name will get attached to many projects from now on kyun ki uska time aa gaya.

Ranveer has no need to do this sequel, he is hitting high with his movies. King Khan became King Flop. He needs it badly.

Fugly ranveer and fake-news spreading shameless PR

Ranveer is too ugly to be Don. Don is not a clown.

Ugly Bolywood Diaspora is on.

Ranveer Chichora is always trying to get himself compared to the King

Ranveer won’t do such films at the stage he is as he doesn’t need to. It’s SRK who needs this film badly to bounce back.

Whole industry knows Deepika/Ranveer Singh's PR karishma, SO im not wonder.......

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