Non oily dishes to maintain a healthy diet while fasting for Navratri

Here are some non-oily foods to keep your diet healthy while fasting for Navratri.

Aastha Pahadia
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Navratri food

Make the most of the fasting during this year's Navratri by selecting the correct foods and avoiding those that can cause cholesterol to rise. Even when you are fasting, you frequently turn to oily foods like poori and papad. It is mainly limited to fatty foods, but it also relies on whether or not a person prefers to eat healthful meals. Again, weight gain may result from consuming a lot of these meals throughout these days. Fasting, when done correctly, has various health advantages in addition to its spiritual component. Limiting food intake may promote mental health while preventing chronic conditions including high cholesterol, heart problems, and elevated blood pressure.

Check out these 4 non-oily snacks to maintain a healthy diet while fasting for Navratri.


Kuttu dosa

1. Kuttu atta dosa

Aside from feeling lighter, Navratri is a wonderful time to avoid gluten-containing foods. The ideal choice is kuttu atta dosas, which are created from buckwheat flour because even though you can't consume wheat rotis but still you'll need your strength dose. The potato-packed dosa, which is a terrific alternative to eating Kuttu in deep-fried manner in the form of pakoras, will no longer be the monotonous fasting food filled with oil.



Vrat chawal dhokla

2. Vrat ke chawal ka dhokla

You can even enjoy fermented dhokla cooked with samwat chaawal, a special rice used during the Navaratri festival, to lessen your desires for mid-afternoon snacks. It has a great flavor and is fluffy, light, and soft. This gluten-free treat is made with basic ingredients and isn't oily at all.


3. Kela kabab

Try the Kebab Kela recipe if you love kebabs and don't want to lose out on the delectable food during Navratri. It's the ideal dish for those nine days and is really healthy. This fasting dish is made much more appealing by the fact that you may make kebabs out of fruits. The ingredients for this kebab dish include raw bananas, ginger, arrowroot, sendha namak, and a variety of satvik-approved spices.




4. Farali idli

Farali idli is a terrific choice if you want to eat simple and delectable cuisine while fasting. Even on fasting days, you won't want to miss this simple south Indian snack made from sabudana and sama rice. To enhance the idli's flavor, peanuts can also be used as a filling. Coconut chutney or any other farali chutney goes well with it.

When you are fasting, feeling hungry is normal. Instead of depriving yourself, fill up on the non-oily navratri vrat treats suggested above!

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